classy wool rug

Keep It Simple And Classy With A Wool Rug

Rugs are a must in any home renovation plan. You want to make your place feel sophisticated but also cozy. The best way to achieve it is by putting a rug. There are many options available. There is a rug with every color and shape imaginable. Before you pick one of these, there is a decision you must make. We are talking about the material.

People believe that a special material will make a special rug. The truth is, luxurious rugs are hard to maintain. If you fail to keep a maintenance routine, your rug will be ruined in no time. Before you spend all your money on a silk rug, consider the classic wool rug.

Wool rugs have been around for a long time. These rugs are known for its high quality and endurance. Do not take wool rugs for granted.

Low Price

Wool rugs are cheaper. This is a fact. Shag rugs and silk rugs are expensive. You could purchase a wool rug for a very low price. The best part is that maintaining your wool rug will be cheaper too.


Wool rugs last forever. The initial quality is good and the strength make them resistant to day to day food traffic. Does your mother have a rug since you were a child? It is probably made of wool. Because of the endurance, wool rugs are ideal for families.

Safe For Kids

Speaking of families, do not fear for your toddle. Wool rugs are there to save your child from the falls. These rugs are thick and soft. Any kid playing over a wool rug will be safe. Kids are less likely to have allergic reactions to wool rugs. Also, these rugs are not flammable like those made of synthetic material.

Resistant to Stains

Worried about the stains? You will be happy to know that wool rugs are stain resistant. Also, wool rugs are easier to clean. Another materials get stained easily and then it is extremely expensive to clean the mess. Wool rugs are just the opposite. If an incident happens, you will be able to clean it with some basic products.


Did you know that wool rugs are biodegradable? If you want to get rid of your old wool rug, put it in soil and let nature do its job. Unlike synthetic materials that are not biodegradable, some of these rugs are impossible to recycle. It feels good to know you are making a responsible, eco-friendly decision.

A rug made of a luxurious material shows “status”. When it comes to house decoration, it is better to be practical. If you have children or are planning to, invest in a wool rug. It will last a lifetime and your kid will have a good time playing on it.

Wool rugs come in many shapes and sizes. Because it is a classic material, it does not mean you should pick a boring design. Be adventurous and go for a colorful option. You will not regret buying a wool rug.

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