Why Wallpaper is a Better Option Over Paint

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For the longest time, wallpaper was pushed aside because many people believed that they tended to give houses a dated look. On top of that, a lot of folks deemed them impractical.

However, interior designers are all about the wallpaper these days. This wall covering is even considered the better option to paint for several reasons which are listed below.

1. Wallpaper is more versatile.

If you still refer to different home and lifestyle magazines, you will see an abundance of DIY projects using wallpaper. A favorite among avid hobbyists is using wallpaper to refurbish thrift store furniture finds.

Found an old vanity table that is slightly banged up? Cover the damaged surfaces with wallpaper for a charming Tudor-inspired look. Nobody needs to know about the dings and scratches.

Another DIY decor for the home that makes use of wallpaper is framed pictures. You can frame leftover wallpaper to create a sense of continuity throughout the house. Even if there are only a few rooms that you have covered with wallpaper, you can introduce its lovely design in other parts of the house as well. Just frame and hang them on the wall.

2. Wallpapers these days are impressively durable.

Technology and exceptional craftsmanship have increased the durability of the wallpaper. This is why when it comes to the chipping and wear-down department, it can easily outperform paint. The highest quality of wallpapers can also withstand moisture so much better than paint.

You also must not miss the fact that because these wall coverings come with a bit of thickness and are made of top-grade material, they have a slight contribution to building insulation.

3. Wallpapers come in infinite designs.

There are so many colors, textures, patterns, and prints to choose from these wall coverings. If you want to create funky looking walls, this project will be easier to accomplish with wallpaper.

And due to the variety of designs, walls cease to be just walls. They become style powerhouses for any room. If you want your walls to stand out, you cannot go wrong  with wallpaper.

Wallpaper also provides a different feel to walls. It is better at making rooms feel cozier. And, you simply cannot compare the lovely texture of a thick wallpaper with embossed images to concrete finish or decorative paint.

4. Top-quality wallpapers are easier to clean than top quality paints.

It’s vital to note that wallpapers with patterns conceal dirt well. But, even if you feel the need to clean them up, you will find that they have been treated to make tidying up easy. They repel water and most dirt. Therefore, a swipe is enough to get rid of dirt and splashes of anything.

Top-quality paint does not really have the ability to repel water and most types of dirt. Plus, even if you manage to wipe off a spot, there will be a noticeable difference to its finish.

5. Wallpaper is more cost-effective.

Again, the longevity of the material means that you do not have to refresh the look of your walls for a long time. Just think of the money you can save by not having to change your paint right away (new paint and labor costs).

Even if placing in wallpaper is more laborious for some, not having to replace it for a long time easily makes up for that.

6. You can save your wallpapers for a long time.

Unlike paint whose opacity can change over time, the look of excellent quality wallpaper does not. Thus, if you find yourself with a load of extras after making over your home, you can still use it a few years down the line.

And if your stash isn’t enough for a future makeover, it’s easy enough to find new wallpaper to compliment the look of your old one.

See? Wallpaper is so much better.

If you think about all the beautiful possibilities with using it, for sure, you will opt for wallpaper instead of paint for the future enhancement of your home or workspace.


James Prathap is one of the Directors of NGC Nafees, top importers and exporters of wallpapers, floorings and fabrics in India. The business also offers high-quality panoramics, coordinated fabrics, and creative stickers for residential and commercial projects.

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