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Top 5 Benefits of a Swivel Chair

Swivel chairs date back to one of America’s founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson. Not only is he credited for inventing the first swivel chair-he is also the most popular swivel chair owner of all time. Today, swivel chairs have advanced in many ways. The modern swivel chair is designed to offer comfort, style, health benefits and durability. Let’s look at some of the top 5 health benefits below.

5. Lower Back Support

Sitting for 6 or more hours every day can have major implications on your health. From back pains to muscle aches, tiredness to extended body weakness, you shouldn’t estimate the benefit of sitting on comfortable chairs that support your back properly. An ergonomic swing chair is designed to keep your back supported in the right manner. With two arms for additional side and surface that holds your bottom in place, you have no excuse for not getting in your work zone while using this chair.

4. Easy Access

When you work at a large work station with lots of files spread all over the desk, you would be super annoyed to wake up every time you need to change a file. A swivel chair allows you to swivel around, reach out to your phone, files or anything else near you without struggling. When you need to get out of your work station, the swivel chair is designed to offer the best access. Most ergonomic swivel seats have ball bearings or small wheels that let you move your chair around with ease.

3. Wide Applications

There is a big chance you have seen a swivel chair before. Right from when you were young, barber shops used swivel chairs. At school, some teachers had swivel chairs in their offices. Your dad probably had one at home. What you don’t have, however, is the modern, ergonomic swivel chair. Made to maximize on comfort, these chairs are luxury oriented. They are the right chairs for corporate offices, at beauty spas, salons, gyms and some health facilities. There are still medium priced swivel chairs though and you could use them for all applications you dream of.

2. User Friendly

There are several types of chairs made to improve health. However, none of them is as user friendly as a swivel chair. The swivel seat is light, well designed and comfortable. All you are required is to sit and enjoy the rest of your working hours. Additionally, this seat solves you back pain, neck pain and pressure on your hips problems. With the right seat with a backrest, you will never complain once again about neck pains. The deep nature on the seat’s surface and armrests, on the other hand, make sure that the common pressure put on the hips by other chairs will never be your problem once again.

1. Affordable

You can get a quality swivel chair for as low as $50. Some even cost less. But if you are looking for an ergonomic swivel seat, you may have to pay slightly higher than $130. Still, a swivel chair provides a lot more benefits that most other types of chairs.

Take a look at these beautiful swivel chair pictures before you choose one for your office.

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