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5 Reasons to Buy Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas are the type of seats you either love or hate. If you have a big family, you may want to love them. Not only do they provide comfort and convenience, they can also economize space when used properly. If you don’t have a big family, there are still many reasons you may want to buy a sectional sofa. Let’s demystify sectional sofas and give you 5 reasons they might be perfect for your living space.

5. Different Configurations

Sectional sofas can best be categorized into two: Right arm Facing (RAF) or Left arm Facing (LAF). Right arm Facing simply means that the sofa’s arm is on the right. An LAF sectional sofa has the arm side on the left. Out of these two categories, you can find a wide variety of sofas to suit your needs. Some sectional sofas come with a chaise that can accommodate 2 people, some 3. Some come with a love seat, some don’t. Simply do the research, and you will certainly find the right sofa suited for you.

4. Cost Effective

There is no doubt that sectional sofas are more expensive than normal sofas. But think about this. When you buy a sectional sofa with a chaise, you solve your family and friends’ seating needs with just one purchase. If you choose a sectional sofa with a cuddle or love seat, you better you love life with your partner. Basically, a sectional sofa helps you avoid buying extra, expensive seats in your home. A good sectional sofa when complemented with the right seat can solve your chair needs in the long run.

3. Space Saving

The biggest benefit of sectional sofas is that they help you avoid cluttering your living space. Just one sectional sofa and you can have the rest of space for decoration and tables. You can install the sectional sofa at a corner, in front of the walls or in the middle of your sitting room and still save of space. If you have limited space, a good sectional safe will amount to lots of negative space created. Look at the space saved by placing sectionals accordingly in these photos.

2. Additional Features

Unless you buy a used sectional, most of the modern sectional sofas come with additional features. It is part of the reason they are cost effective. It’s common to find a sectional sofa sold together with a table, a mobile phone dock, an ottoman or headrests. Some also come with a wide variety of stylish pillows to give you unmatched experience.

1. Versatile

Because sectional sofas are available in multiple configurations, you can use them for a wide variety of reasons. If you plan to host a book club, a double chaise sectional sofa will provide enough seating space. If you just downgraded, you can have your pre-teen son sleep on the sofa for a while. And do I have to remind you for the lover’s chair that comes with certain sectional sofas? 😀


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