Chic Details for Cozy Rustic Living Room Décor

rustic chic living room

Many homeowners who like to keep up with the latest trends have become obsessed with the rustic design in the last couple of years. Now, this style is taking homes by storm and more people are seeing the true benefits of this cozy and welcoming style. No matter if you have a small apartment or a large house, this style will bring out the best in your interior and make your living room modern and inviting. You can adjust it to your style and make it chic on the one hand, or go for the real deal and make it rustic in every meaning of the word on the other hand. You can also go for a more minimalistic style and keep the design simple, or go big and opt for a luxurious option that will show you how amazing your living room can really be.

Corner shelves

Having shelves in any room of the house can be a great way to add some décor or storage space, but if you want to keep things a bit more interesting, think about creating some corner shelves. These will allow you to add some focus to the corners and use this space to break the design of the room and make it more open.

The best way to keep up with the chic rustic design is by using roughly chopped wood with curves and flaws in order to really accentuate the beauty behind this natural element. You can use this sophisticated addition to display your family photos, awards or some special pieces you want everyone to see.

Interesting clocks and signs

You can accentuate your wall in many ways, but if you really want to draw some attention to it, there’s no better way than dressing it up with some chic pieces. Start with hanging a big wooden clock with a simple design, because you’ll want to avoid clocks that are too bold. A simple wood mixed with black numbers could turn into a statement piece making this oversized element the centerpiece of the room.

In addition to that, another way to liven up your walls is by adding inspirational quotes that mean something to your family. You can do this on your own, all you need are some wooden panels and paint, and you’ll have perfect pieces for your walls in no time at all. Include your entire family into this project and find words that motivate you all.

Play with textures

If you want to add some depth to the design, playing with materials might do the trick and turn your space into a cozy retreat. Start with opting for different types of rugs to really accentuate the center of the room and make it more appealing and glamorous. Try to choose a pattern that will pop and be a perfect starting point for the furniture you’ll add later on.

Apart from that, put a blanket over your sofa and try to find some pillows that will match the design. Keep in mind that rustic means playing with different patterns and colors, so make everything work well together. Not only will materials create depth in your room, but they’ll also boost the coziness of your living room.

Exposed beams

When you say rustic interior, the first thing that comes to your mind are exposed beams and the wow factor they bring into a living room. Having exposed wood in your home shows your connection to nature, brings back the essential material we all need to incorporate more in our homes and also shows the architecture of your home.

Apart from being a great addition, beams are also a perfect way to introduce rustic style into your home and create a focal point. You can decide to stay with the original color of your beams or paint them depending on what color scheme you have going on in your interior. No matter which option you decide to go for, this unique structural addition will definitely bring that chic element into your space. You can even play a little mix-and-match game, and opt for different colors when it comes to the beams and the ceiling.

The living room should reflect your personality and be a place where you gather with your family and make memories. With that in mind, you’ll probably think about adding some rustic elements in order to make your space more inviting and pleasant for everyone. With so many ideas, you’ll always have something to choose from when you start a new remodeling project.

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