Protect Your Home: 8 Plumbing Problems You Must Not Ignore

Most Aussie property owners have tools on hand for managing minor plumbing problems on their own. For example, you’ll find a plunger that can be used on a blocked drain or toilet in just about any home.

Indeed, knowing having some knowledge of how to fix plumbing issues is crucial. But often, quick fixes are not enough to prevent the damage. In fact, trying to fix even the minor issues with your plumbing system, such as slow draining toilets, dripping taps, and a blocked drain can result in bigger, pricier problems in the future.

For this reason, you should contact licensed plumbers as soon as you notice any inconsistencies in your home’s plumbing system.

To protect your home, reputable emergency plumbers in Melbourne share eight plumbing problems that you should never ignore.

1. Dripping taps

Dripping taps are some of the most neglected plumbing issues among homeowners today. You may think that this is just a minor problem, but this can result in high water bills. A drop per second can waste about five gallons of water each day – undoubtedly, an excessive amount of water can go to waste when dripping taps are left unresolved for a prolonged period.

On the other hand, fixing a leaky tap as soon as possible will save you about 10% or more on your monthly water bill.

2. Blocked drains

Blocked drains can result in overflowing showers, toilets or sinks. And having this problem means that you won’t be using or cleaning these for some time as a result. When blockages keep appearing, you need to call a licensed plumber immediately, especially if the drain is the only path your wastewater goes through out of your house.

3. Running toilets

A toilet that won’t flush properly can be annoying. You have to manually refill the tank or flush the mess down with a bucket of water each time you use it. Obviously, this cannot be a long-term solution, so you must call an experienced plumber to fix it.

4. Foul-smelling pipes

A foul smell coming from your pipes is something you should never ignore. You should not merely spray air freshener all over the room to cloak the smell, either. This indicates that your plumbing system is suffering from a more serious problem, such as bacteria and mould build-up. When left unaddressed, this can hinder water sanitation, water flow, and pipe integrity.

5. Slow-draining showers or tubs

When water begins to puddle in your tub or shower, your immediate action is to use a chemical drain cleaner. This can work temporarily, but the best way to prevent the same incident from happening is to call a professional plumber to unblock your drains.

6. Discoloured water

Water discolouration indicates that your pipes have rust and other metals. Once you notice that the water coming out from your tap is slightly brown or orange, contact an emergency plumber immediately to get this problem sorted.

Take note that when rust stays in your pipe for a long time, it will not just cause the pipe to break down or burst, but it will also compromise the purity of your water.

7. Leaking water heater

A leaking water heater is often treated as a small problem, but this can immediately turn into a huge one. It can ruin your floors, walls, and sub-floors without you even noticing it. And often, a leaking water heater indicates a bigger issue.

So it is recommended that you let a professional plumber assess the problem and make the necessary repairs ASAP before it causes damage to your property.

8. Lack of hot water

When your water heater won’t produce hot water, it can be extremely frustrating, especially during cold months. The common culprit for this problem is a faulty or undersized water heater. Adjusting the temperature dial on the heater can make the water warmer, but often, calling a plumbing pro to fix the underlying problems is the best solution.

Due to the fact that your pipe issues can sneak up on you, performing a thorough annual plumbing inspection is crucial in order to detect small problems before they become worse. Unknown leaks, for instance, can be identified promptly before damage reaches your walls and floors.

But protecting your property does not stop there. Refrain from implementing DIY solutions once you suspect or notice any problem with your home’s plumbing. Instead, you must contact professional plumbers to assess and fix the issue ASAP.


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