How to Ensure Perfect Picture Quality for Your New TV

So, you have purchased one of the fanciest flat screen TVs on the market and yet, once you get home, the picture quality is just awful. You are undoubtedly quite frustrated about this, but you had the TV tested before purchasing it.

In this situation, you can quickly rule out that it is your brand new TV’s fault because you checked it first, the way it has been made is just perfect, and it is, after all, still brand new.

What’s the problem, then?

When picture quality is bad despite the good quality of the appliance, service reception is what you need to look into. There are different factors that can affect service provider signals, but two of the main ones are:

Your location

This is the most common reason behind unclear images. If you live in a remote area where service signals are weak, it’s hard to expect good reception. Aerial signals can only travel so far.

Ditto if you live in a densely packed neighbourhood. Other service signals can interact with your TV signal reception. A reception breakdown is a high likelihood and it is evident through muddled picture and audio quality.


If there are thick clumps of trees or high-rise buildings around where you live, those can affect signal reception as well. They can block signal pathways, compromising reception.

And if service provider signals are fine, it may be that there is something wrong with the connecting wires. You should look into those, too.

What can be done?

Issues with picture quality are easy enough to fix. The first thing you can do is to check the settings menu of the TV and make adjustments. When you are done tinkering with the picture settings and advanced adjustments of the TV but you still cannot get clear images, the only logical thing to do is to get the professionals involved.

TV installers and antenna experts will conduct a quick yet thorough inspection to identify the root cause of the problem. This will allow them to determine the suitable solution to apply.

They know all the best solutions to ensure the perfect picture quality of your TV, especially if signal reception is the main issue. And when it comes to solutions to signal issues, listed below are some that the pros can provide to finally make your TV viewing experience completely satisfying:

1. They will ensure you are using the right cables.

Are you using high-speed HDMI cables? If you are not, antenna installers recommend you invest in them if you really want beautiful image clarity for your TV.

The advantage of using these cables (or even those which use Redmere technology) is they can deliver a clear signal over long distance runs, such as six metres or more.

2. They will choose the perfect location for your antenna before installation.

The location for the antenna installation plays a huge part in the quality of signal reception. Expert antenna installers take the time to identify the best place for your TV antenna to be installed.

3. They will add an antenna booster.

Amplifiers or TV signal boosters are among the components of high-quality antennas. But if your antenna does not have one or does not work, you can buy one and have one installed by antenna specialists.

A working antenna booster is just part of the solution, actually. For the best reception, the correct tuning of the digital TV booster is also a must. Antenna experts can already tune the booster for you after the installation.

4. They can recommend a better service provider.

If your location is the problem, antenna specialists can hook you up with the most compatible service provider for you.

If you live too far away or if there are too many obstructions around your location, they can recommend satellite TV, which is the most sensible solution for such situations. With satellite TV, location is never a problem.

It’s important to point out that satellite TV delivers a much sharper image than cable television. Plus, it offers even more HD channels. So, if you want the clearest and most vivid images when watching your favourite TV shows, your antenna specialists can hook you up for satellite TV easily.

5. They can recommend the removal of obstructions.

Antenna installers can easily pinpoint the obstructions compromising the reception of your TV. If there are overgrown bushes, hedges, and trees, they can recommend targeted lawn care such as advising on the necessary “amount” of trimming your gardeners should make to improve the signal reception of your TV antenna.

Clearly, when you want your TV to perform the best it can, it pays to hire the services of professionals. They will not only take care of typical issues with service signals, you can also turn to them for advice on how to further improve your TV viewing experience, such as where and how to mount your TV as well as what accessories and features can be used for better sound and video quality.








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