If you are interested in posting an article in termin(ART)ors.com, here are some terms for that:

  1. The price would be $50 per post.
  2. The post must be in HOME topic or in ART topic in general
  3. Of course, we need to review that article first before we post it
  4. ‎If you have 60 pretty original pictures, we would love to PIN them in my Pinterest Board and in the board Im in with 19k+ followers. For this, you must pay for ONLY $25. If some of the PINS goes viral, it can generates free trafic to the post. Base on my experience, the pins can generates about 100 page views per day for 2 months or less/more.  If you’re not interested in pinterest trafic, it would be fine too. (BTW, we can not accept all demands for this, we have to review the quality of the images first)
  5. The payment must be trough our paypal account. You only have to pay after the post is alive and/or the PINS are submited.

Here are some data (matrices) of our site (terminartors.com) to make sure the price is worthy.

Domain Rating (DR), URL Rating (UR), Ahrefs Rank, Number of Backlinks, and Number of Referring Domains for backlink:

Referring Domains (means, we have DO FOLLOW backlinks from these sites):

Please contact us: [email protected]

Thank you.