How to Create the Perfect Living Room

Gone are the stale parlors from the past– living spaces are just that: The spaces where we live. “That’s the charm of the living-room,” says Rose city, Oregon, developer Lynne Parker of Lynne Parker Designs. “It’s where we currently do everything.” Below are her 9 tips and tricks for making the living-room the supreme destination. … Read more

8 Da Vinci Masterpieces

Leonardo Da Vinci was a great Renaissance painter. He gave birth to an unbeatable variety of artwork, out of which 8 Da Vinci masterpieces will be discussed in this article. 1. Mona Lisa The Louvre Museum receives thousands of visitors daily in the name of Mona Lisa, the most famous artwork in art history. The … Read more

Make-up Tutorial for Downturned Eyes

Do you have downturned eyes? If that simple five-word inquiry has made you contemplate your eye shape– excellent! When you’re able to properly identify your eye shape, you’ll be much better suited to develop shape-enhancing eye make-up masterpieces with eye shadow and eye liner, like feline eyes and also great smoky eyes. Maintain checking out … Read more