Bespoke Suits in New York

If you’re looking for the right suit for you, and you live in New York, you may be surprised that people don’t really talk about just going out to a retail outlet or a bridal boutique. Instead, the most professional people often own their very own custom tailored suit known as the “bespoke” suit. What this means is that they have a suit that is made completely from scratch for them, and in this guide we’ll tell you all about getting a bespoke suit for yourself as well.

Finding a Bespoke Suit Compared to a Regular Custom Suit

Custom suits are for starters, noticeably a little less pricey. It doesn’t cost a lot to sew a hem here and there from an already manufactured suit that is custom tailored to your body. However, you may still have numerous problems. Aside from the price (the bespoke suits can cost a lot more), you have higher quality material and work done on your suit and they are meant to last. 

With a bespoke suit, you get to pick every single faceted angle of the suit, from the fabric, the style of fabric, color, and more. Most tailors are great at giving their advice, and this is the time you should learn to listen to a tailor and provide as much detail to them as possible during your initial measuring to get the best service possible.

Bespoke Suits Don’t Have to be Taken Lightly, or when they’re “Finished”

Many people don’t even realize it, but when you go to a custom tailor to have a bespoke suit made, this is your suit. You need to be completely happy with it, and you don’t have to take it just because your suit is done. Your tailor will make numerous fitting appointments (as many as you need) until you’re completely satisfied with every single thing about the suit. There have even been tailors who have made a bespoke suit only to be told to start over and they’ve actually had to do it! It’s in their contract agreement if they’re a reputable tailor.

Consider What You Need the Suit For

This is something that many people need to do from the very beginning. If you’re a stock market broker, you may want a suit that reflects your business sense and power. However, if you’re looking for a suit because you attend a lot of formal events aside from just formal work, then you may want something more than a pinstriped suit.


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