The Pros and Cons of New Home Building

Opting for new construction over buying a used home is an exciting decision. However, like most major decisions doing so has its pros and cons. After weighing them, you may decide that going used is best. On the other hand, you may be even more inspired to continue on your path of new home greatness.

The Pros

More Choice

When you build your own home, you have the final say in much of how the house will turn out. This is attractive because it puts you in complete control over your future long-term living space, from the location of the rooms to the paint and finishes. Everything can be how you want it.

More Satisfactio

There is an additional layer of satisfaction and pride you will feel if you build your own house. It comes from the very fact of building your own house. It stems from that sense of accomplishment humans feel when they are instrumental in the completion of a monumental task. And this feeling will always be present throughout your years in the home you build.

More Savings

Believe it or not, building your own house can result in substantial savings. When you are in control of how the house will ultimately turn out, you are essentially in control of how much it’s going to cost. You can make economical choices at practically every stage of the building process. Plus, new homes generally have new, energy efficient systems installed. This means less spent on repairs and electricity bills over the long run.

The Cons

Too Much Choice

Too much of a good thing can be bad in home building. There is a myriad of options at many stages of the construction process that can overwhelm you and your budget. Unless you have a very specific vision or are good at managing a plethora of options, then you may need to call in professional help, such as an interior designer.

Some Builder Are Better Than Others

Even though you are technically building your own house, you will more than likely be working with a construction company who will be doing the actual construction of the home. Unfortunately, not all builders do the same caliber of work. We’ve all heard the nightmare stories of deadlines being continually pushed back and budgets being blown up. This is why it’s important to find a reputable builder for your new construction. Companies like SEDA Construction take your dream of a home as serious as you do.


New construction may also be costlier in the short term than buying a used home. The myriad of choices spoken of earlier includes high priced options such as fine interior finishes that can end up costing more than the house construction itself. Because the higher ticket items are so beautiful, you may find yourself going far over budget acquiring them than you wanted.

Choosing whether to build or buy used can take a lot of time and think. Whatever you decide to do after weighing the pros and cons, there will be one big pro at the end of it all: you will have a house.

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