Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Organization and Storage Ideas

Farmhouse kitchens have made a major comeback recently. They are a perfect combination of the old, rustic and modern. Why do so many people decide to remodel their kitchens in this style exactly? Probably because they are both eye appealing and functional. These kitchens are characterized by using neutral colours such as lighter shades of whites and greys, natural materials such as wood, especially warmer varieties and of course, industrial or antique elements for lightning and versatile kitchen accessories such as racks, baskets, jars and other containers.

The Base: Kitchen Cabinets, Countertops & Tile

Every kitchen, no matter the style has these three quintessential elements. Let’s start from the walls and tile. Farmhouse kitchen style is reflected in using natural, basic and simple patterns and materials. Many people choose subway tile, herringbone tile, classic black and white tile or perhaps show-stopping patterned tile to add a rustic touch to their walls and backsplashes. Cabinetry suitable for this particular style is any vintage, antique or rustic cabinet. These can be open cabinets, skirted cabinets, glass-door cabinets or any other cabinets to which you can add rustic charm with a distressed faux finish. As far as countertops are concerned, reclaimed wood plays an important role in giving your cooking space a rustic texture. You can choose among a wide array of wood textures and colours.


Furniture can vary from old, wooden and metal to contemporary, modern and plastic, in one soft colour or perhaps in bold and multicolours. Traditionally, most of these farmhouse kitchens feature an island as their hallmark. The island can be in tone with the rest of the cabinetry or you can choose to make it stand out in shape, colour or texture. There are so many combinations of dining sets you can make. You can choose a classic wooden look, in different shades of wood, from colder to warmer tones. Or perhaps you’d prefer a timeless, crisp white set for dining? And yet, you can use some bold, colourful chairs or bar stools to add some spice to your dream kitchen. The sky is the limit here!

Home Appliances & Small Domestic Appliances

Even though we are talking about farmhouse kitchens, we need to have in mind that they need to be modern as well. And what is the key feature of modern? Well, all kinds of electric appliances without which we can’t imagine our contemporary lives. Make sure to think about where and how to embed these as well. If you are going for a full farmhouse look, you can use those old-fashioned stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers and other appliances. Perhaps you still own these, and you need to take a look at your basement or garage, or go to the local flea market and purchase one. Even if the appliance is in good condition but it’s not in function, there’s a solution for that too. If you are an owner of some famous appliance brands such as LG, there is an LG appliance repair available for you. You can make your old or new appliances come back to life!

Storage Ideas

It doesn’t matter how big a kitchen we have, we always need more extra storage. Open shelving with easy access to kitchen utensils, dishes and pots, plates and platers and other things is a hallmark of modern farmhouse style. For even easier access, you can use wire or wood baskets for storing all kinds of things from silverware, kitchen cloths and towels, spices and so on. Since everything about farmhouse kitchen is countrified, wooden racks for fresh fruit and vegetables are quite popular. Rails for holding all kinds of kitchen utensils provide as easy access. Large glass canisters and crockeries on countertops add a nice touch but also a perfect storing idea.

Lightning & Decoration

Lighting is another important thing for a kitchen in this style. You can bring light and sophistication into your kitchen by installing bold pendant lightning. If you prefer you can also use some retro, antique or industrial-inspired pendant lights. As every room deserves some decoration so does the kitchen. Think about adding your personal touch to it. Perhaps you’d enjoy looking at some decorative wall art, rustic paintings, inspirational posters or flowers in an antique vase. Butcher blocks, cutting boards, wooden utensils in wooden crockeries as well as some family heirloom adds an even cozier look.

It is common knowledge that the kitchen is the heart of every home. It is essential to make it as comfortable as possible because it is not only used for cooking but also for dining and socializing with family and friends in this modern age. This style gives you plenty of options for combing the best of the old, timeless and classic with modern and eye-catching in the aspect of colour, texture, materials and organization.

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