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How to convert your room in Bohemian bedroom

Bohemian bedrooms styles are in trend these days. People love to give the Boho look to their room. Addition of house plants, brightly colored rugs and wicker type reading chair gives the persuading impression to the room. Bohemian style is basically eclectic and fun mixture that give your room an alluring effect. You love to spend time there. Once you adopt this type of décor not only you get satisfaction but the guest will also admire your choice. Some of the ideas through which you can convert a simple bedroom in bohemian bedroom style.

Addition of bohemian style bed

Furniture is the main part of the bedroom especially the bed. To give your room a tradional bohemian look you can keep a bohemian style bed in your room. the bed is low to the ground. Add some furry rugs on side of the bed and keep the large pillows to make the perfect combo for your Bohemian room.

Place some house plants

Indoor plants not only give your room the fascinating look but these also refreshen your environment. The indoor green plants are one of the main thing in Bohemian style decoration. What are you waiting for add green plant pots on sides of bed or the naked corner to give your room the fresh and persuading look.

Mixing lights and crystal pieces

Boho style is much fascinating but not expensive. You can provide the dreamy bohemian look to your room by adding different color lights. If you are romantic in nature place than take some colorful pots and place candles into them this will really give an amazing look to your room. along with lights placement of some colorful crystal pieces on shelves, side tables and on niches. This will add additional beauty in your room.

Pattern rugs and curtains

Bohemian art is all about colors. You can decorate to your room with different colored rugs and curtains. If you now somewhat about stitching you can do it yourself. You can take some old towels and useless clothes to make colorful rugs. Addition of mix and match colors will provide your room an additional glamor. Cover your pillows with multicolored cases and use colored mats to give a perfect Boho impression to your room.
Along with curtains you can also add old chic macramé to use as room divider in case if large bedroom space.

Accessories and decoration pieces

Whatever style you want to adopt for your room, accessories and decoration pieces play vital role in changing look of the particular area. With Bohemian style bedrooms you can add many different accessories like lamps with artistic and colorful lamp shades, bottle vases, natural paten pouf, vintage chandelier and much more.

You can give an exclusive Bohemian look to your room by simply adding these things. All the decoratives and materials are not costly so you can easily purchase it. when an idea comes to your mind adopt it to implement it so that you can get your dreamy room within few days.

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