Unique Features You Should Consider Adding to Your Master bedroom


The master bedroom is a unique place and must be treated as such. Its design should depict what it is supposed to be: a master bedroom. The bedroom should not be just an official abode for the owner of the home; it should also be a comfortable and welcoming place where you can find peace. What can you do to make your master bedroom as comfortable as possible? What are those items you can add to your master bedroom to give it the right appearance and aura it should have? Continue reading to find out.

Wall design

The wall shouldn’t just come in any hue; the designing should be unique and classy. Bland, plain wall painting may not be the best. Even if you must go for a plain painting, make it manly and commanding. A charcoal black wall is dramatic, while blue wall painting is restful. You can apply the same painting to all the four walls or create a wall that pops; that is, give one of the walls a unique painting or design to make it stand out and give the master bedroom something out of this world.

Instead of painting, you can cover the wall with uniquely designed wallpaper. A well-polished and specially designed wooden cover can also feature on one wall to make it stand out. What about a piece of art? It will equally make the wall stand out.

Make the headboard dramatic

The headboard can equally add color to the master bedroom and make it look unique and more welcoming. It is not a problem if the headboard is oversized, which makes it the perfect center of attention and a functional piece of furniture. The headboard can provide a soft backdrop against which you can rest to watch TV or read before sleeping.

Cozy foundation

If you’re going to spend one-third of your human life in bed, then I’d suggest you spend well. After all, what is worth doing at all is worth doing well. As a result, never forget to add a really comfortable mattress to the master bedroom. Do not forget that the bed is the most important furniture in the master bedroom. Therefore, it should be chosen very carefully. Choose what is perfect for you and not according to what someone else thinks or feels. Take some 10 to 15 minutes to try the bed out before you buy. You can make your bed roomier by purchasing either a king or queen size bed; this also promotes a restful sleep at all times. The pillow to add must also be tailored to your sleep position.

Plush bedding

The bedding on the mattress is as important as the mattress itself. You can go for cotton sheets having a higher thread count since this offers a far softer feel, as well as more durable wear. Never forget to test the bedding before you buy; the best way to test it is to hold the sheet up to the light to find out if the light will shine through; a high-thread-count-sheet will not permit light to shine through.


All the points discussed above must be considered to make your master bedroom comfortable. Additionally, you can add something soft underfoot, dramatic lighting, nightstands, unique window treatment, additional furniture and area rug.