5 Incredible Ways to Decorate Your Master Bedroom

Getting your own interior designer to design your Master Bedroom nowadays is costly and impractical. Additionally, most bedrooms today have the same generic design that doesn’t express the owner’s individuality and originality. Here are five incredible ways on how you can decorate your Master Bedroom.

1. Use Subtle Colors

Stay away from singular bedroom colors. Instead of singular colors, mix and match subtle colors that complement each other. Always bear in mind the color theory, colors that are close to each other, blend together. Do your research to know which mattresses would blend well with subtle colors.

You can choose calm hues of blue and green to match the serene image of nature or even mix hazel and brown together to mimic earthly tones. Additionally, when choosing colors for bed frames and mattresses, make sure these products do not fade and disrupt the entire scene.

2. Improve the Fifth Wall

People often overlook this, but your ceiling should be your fifth wall, and this should also be decorated as well. Before sleeping, your ceiling is the last thing you see and after sleeping, it is the first thing that you can see.

Would you prefer to see a ceiling that’s dull and out-of-life? By painting your ceiling close to subtle colors, you get to give yourself an illusion of having a lower ceiling. By doing so it gives you an environment that is cozy and comfortable.

Another way of decorating your ceiling is by adding designs or stencils with an architectural element in them. Roman Pillar drawings or chandelier drawings would give your fifth wall a sense of texture and luxury that’ll surely be worth seeing upon waking up.

3. Scale the Right Furniture

Before choosing which furniture to add to your Master Bedroom, make sure you have a well-designed floor plan. Know more about furniture and their scalability. Once you have decided on which furniture to add, make sure they fit the room, and still have enough space for you to comfortably move around.

Of course, getting a big dresser and a heavy bed for a small room is definitely not optimal. If you have a room with a ceiling, complement it with a bed that has a tall headboard to visually scale it down to size.

4. Get More Storage Space

Instead of laying all your things in one place, make your Master Bedroom look more serene by keeping things out of sight. Choose furniture and beds in with lots of drawers or free space where you can hide your books, electronics, and clothes perfectly.

Get yourself lots of boxes in order to organize and sort things like books and accessories. Even get a huge trunk to store bed sheets and pillows.

5. Invest in Luxury Sheets

Last but not the least, don’t forget to give your beds and mattresses some personality by giving them linen sheets. Investing in beautiful linens greatly improves and defines its comfort in the bed room.

Find sheets that are worth your money in order to fully maximize your bedroom’s potential. Sheets that have less than 100 percent cotton are not worth the investment as they can easily damage your mattress and bed frame. Carefully select which mattresses are compatible by visiting Voonky. You must do your own research before purchasing something with your hard earned money.

Don’t just stop with your mattress, give your chairs and other furniture some luxury linens to add a sensual feeling of completeness in your Master Bedroom.


It is not uncommon that our bed rooms is the most important room in our houses. It is in this room where we restore and recuperate ourselves from the stressful things in this modern time.

By keeping it as comfortable and decorative, we manage to maintain a healthy and strong mind. Remember that decorating your own Master Bedroom doesn’t have to be costly and that anyone can do it!

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