The Secret Weapon of House Decor: Rugs

As a general rule, people do not pay attention to rugs. They are on the floor, they are alright but that is about it. Is not common to have strong opinions about rugs because it is just a rug, right? Wrong! Rugs are the secret weapon of house decoration.

Living room rugs will make your space look chic and stylish. Also, it will allow you to divide the spaces. Under no circumstance a naked floor will look good. Even the most beautiful wooden floor needs that special element that brings character, a perfect rug.

Choosing the right living room rug takes a little of expertise and knowledge. Fear not, dear reader! We will teach you how to choose the perfect living room rug.


A big rug is great if you have the space. Also consider the layout of the furniture in living room before you purchase a rug. According to interior designers, the living room rug should be big enough to cover the front legs of the sofa. Ideally, it will cover the half of the sofa without reaching the back legs.

That is the minimum size you should aspire. Anything smaller than that will look a bit awkward and will not meet the purpose. Bigger living room rugs will fit the sofa entirely and a little extra. Do not try to fit the furniture in a small rug, it is better to have space.


There are many materials available but not all are appropriate for a living room rug. There are two options that you should consider, wool and sisal.

Both materials are resistant, do not stain easy and are beyond stylish. Sisal is a better option for houses with pets and children. This material is strong enough to resist the foot traffic. In the downside, some varieties could be difficult to clean up.

Wool makes for a softer option, if the children are older, consider changing from sisal to wool. Your living room rug must look good at all times. A damaged rug will steal the energy in the room.

Patterns and Colors

Patterned living room rugs are a great way to add texture. Modern and minimalist decorations offer the opportunity to choose bolder patterns. It may seem like too much but a living room rug with a pattern increases the style of your house automatically.

If you fear that it could steal the attention from other details, pick a discreet color. Neutral colors go well in a living room with shades of white. Darker colors are ideal if you have dark armchairs. Combine the rug with the cushions in your couch to create a cohesive concept.

Keep in mind that this rug will last a long time. If you have the habit of constantly redecorating, pick a living room rug that you can repurpose. The best interior design is the one that creates something new with the resources available. Investing in a high-quality rug is a no-brainer. Find a versatile model and transform your living room.

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