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Coming in from work after a stressful day, you don’t want to walk in into a room that does not inspire and embraces you. You know, walking in and actually having the feeling of ‘thank God I am home finally’ after a really hectic day at work.

If you are a creative individual having a living room that is full of life can even inspire you to get the job done. Ever looked at your wall and an idea, a solution to a lingering problem just comes into your head? You will be really happy you did that wall the way you liked.

Several people have come up with various interior decoration styles that work for them. Lets look at some of the top living room interior design ideas for your home.


You should think of getting amazing colours for your wall. Its sort of ‘old school’ now to just have one particular colour on your wall. Mix things up a bit. You can decide to have patterned wall paints or wallpapers, sometimes you may even decide to have an artwork that will inspire you. Houzz has some of the amazing artworks you can get out there, take a look at some of them.


If you intend to have a fireplace in your living room, ensure that it should never blend into the background. If your apartment comes with a fireplace you don’t have to do a complete overhaul, you can easily add doors to give it a popping new look. If your apartment doesn’t come with a fire place, here are some options you can pick from free standing stoves which are either pellet or wooden.


If you intend to use rug in your living room, your type of furniture may determine the type of rug you should get, sometimes your wall comes into play. You can find out some rules guiding the use of area rugs inn your living room here.


Your living room is a place where almost everything goes on and as such should be filled with the right furniture for whatever activities you wish to have there. Some of the activities can include a family game time, relaxing, throw parties and swap shops. Getting the perfect balance for your living room furniture can be a bit tasking considering the fact that your sofas, chairs, coffee tables and media storage must all work together to support your lifestyle. The following tips can help you through the process.

If you are looking to have a formal living room, you should consider having some armchairs, a coffee or assent table. Going for the more casual family setting, perfect for the weekend? A big sectional and ottoman will provide plenty of space to stretch out and help people feel more relaxed when they visit your home.

Many small living room thoughts rotate around deceiving the eye into influencing the region to seem more roomy. Such systems can change a region that feels confined and claustrophobic into one that feels comfortable and tastefully satisfying. Finish in a way that augments light and space, and focus on how you utilize shading, scale and weight. It can have a significant effect.

It’s intriguing to attempt new things. Some of the time customary thoughts regarding living room stylistic theme aren’t the best answer for a small space. Rather than utilizing blinds for window medications, utilize long, streaming curtains since they attract consideration regarding vertical space, along these lines growing the zone of the room.

Your living room, paying little heed to measure, ought to have the capacity to work as a space for unwinding and engaging. Here are some of our most loved approaches to influence it to feel more roomy.

Brighten with Mirrors

Designers frequently put reflects deliberately in small puts in request to influence them to feel bigger. A standout amongst the most widely recognized small living room thoughts is to hang an expansive mirror in a focal area to make a point of convergence. To reflect light and include a decent atmosphere, put it behind a light source, for example, a flame or pendant light. On the off chance that conceivable, position a mirror opposite your window so it will mirror the view and give the hallucination of another window.

Draw the Eye Upward

A room has a vertical measurement and in addition a flat one. In the event that your living room has a high roof, benefit as much as possible from the additional space by enriching it in a way that draws the eye upward. Floor-to-roof wraps are an up-to-date approach to achieve this objective.

Another thought is to fill the vertical space with a zoological display of small to moderate size work of art. This strategy will influence the room to feel bigger than it really is, on the grounds that it welcomes the eye to wander past the eye-level flat space that may feel bound.

Utilize Neutral Colors for a Small Living Room

A standout amongst the most famous small living room thoughts is the utilization of impartial hues on dividers, floor, roof and furniture upholstery. A palette of off-whites or beiges will grow the space by appearing to push back the dividers. Delicate shades likewise have a tendency to enlighten a room by reflecting light. Notwithstanding growing a zone, a neutral palette imparts moment modernity and makes a quieting situation.

Pick Furniture with a Lightweight Appearance

When you search for furniture, think about its visual weight. This idea alludes to the apparent greatness of a protest in view of size, shading and design. Choose pieces that have a lightweight appearance, as heavier ones will appear to tighten a space.

Decide on pale hues over darker ones, and select pieces that have legs while staying away from those that are square shaped. Glass coffee or end tables will take up less visual space than wooden ones in light of the fact that you can see through them. Any furniture that don’t discourage perspectives will influence a zone to appear to be more open.

Select Small-Scale Furniture

A rundown of small living room thoughts would not be finished without the proposal to choose furniture that won’t overwhelm the room or seem to command the space. A couch with thin arms and a firmly upholstered back is desirable over one with generous arms and a multi-pad back.

In the event that space is tight, you could manage without a lounge chair totally, either picking a loveseat or selecting to position four seats around a foot stool. When selecting seats, consider armless ones since they will consume up less room than a model with arms.

What are your most loved ideas for influencing your small living room to look bigger?

These are some ideas for your living room.





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