Top Living Room Design Ideas [The Best Tips for Your Next Update]

living room ideas

After the kitchen, the living room is the next most crucial communal room in a home. 

The family gathers there to discuss matters that affect them. They celebrate good times and comfort each other during the not-so-good ones in the living room. 

Binge-watching might have replaced how families crowded around the telly. But what didn’t change was the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that the living room represents. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that homeowners look for living room ideas prevalent at the moment to decorate it. 

You’ll find plenty of design ideas floating around on the internet. But what you will find rarely is the concept that the living room design should match your more refreshing impeccable interior style. 

How you decorate it should be reminiscent of how you want to enjoy your time there. We have some lovely tips for you below. However, we’d ask you only to consider the ones that speak to you on a personal level:

Throw pillows scream comfort

It isn’t for no reason that the living room is also adorably dubbed the lounge. It’s because we let off steam after a stressful day at work – or just, living, in general – by lounging in there. You won’t find many design elements that scream comfort as throw pillows do. Whether you use them to accent your furniture or tuck them under your head, is your choice!


Gray isn’t somber, but relaxing

Beige may rule the neutral side of the palette, but gray isn’t too behind. It is almost always fashionable and comes in so many varying shades that everybody can find one that jives with them. 

Light gray or dark, one that exudes warmth or a cooler shade, pick a gray to decorate your living room. Drape your couch with this shade and then look for paint and furnishings in varying tones while sticking to gray. You can even throw in splashes of vibrancy in an otherwise monochromatic gray room with your throw pillows. Bolder colors will meld beautifully with darker grays. To make the light gray pop, go with pastels. Want an all-rounder? Then go with metallic shades.

Sectional couches look great in rooms of all sizes

When redecorating your living room space, it is necessary that you take a long look at your old furniture. Sure, the decades-old loveseat has been in the family for well…decades. But isn’t it time to start fresh? Right then! Sit down to take stock; anything that doesn’t fit needs to go. Since you are redecorating, why not get new furniture that works? We’d suggest a gorgeous sectional couch in a spot that is made for it. Want to know a secret about sectionals? They look good even in small rooms! 

And remember, if you’re going for secondhand fresh, check for bugs and take precautions! 

Look for pieces that go in a real living room and not the showroom

You add new throw pillows and furniture to your shopping list and are about to head out. But wait! Don’t purchase every element of your new – and improved – living room from the same place! Don’t buy any two elements that look like that too. Why not? Because then anyone coming into it with even a bit of sense will think they walked into a showroom! 

Your living room should be a representation of who you are. So, throwing something together that seems like it walked out of page 42 of an interior design catalog won’t do it! If in doubt, try mixing new and vintage elements for an individualized style. Go for eclectic, such as a patina of vintage furniture encased in modern upholstery – and rope in the bed bug killer for a quick inspection. 

Accounting for what you’ll spend on the smaller items, like pillows and lighting, can also work in your favor. Sure, the large items are essential. But it is the little touches that will add personality to your living room.

Paint the living room…to save money

You may not have the budget to throw out the old furniture and get a new one. And that is okay because you can still give your living room a new look. Consider painting the walls to reinvigorate the room. Choose a new, inspiring color, and while it may seem like a big commitment when you start, the transformed living space will make it worth your while.

Let the outside in – at least a bit of it

Another low-budget idea that can spruce up your newly painted living space is nature. You can use flowering plants to bring a touch of color for accent. Or, stash in some green potted plants for personality. The flowers will, of course, make the room redolent with a sweet fragrance and bring in positive vibes. 

Paper the walls with boldness

The classic-looking chinoiserie wallpaper goes with just about all kinds of styles. So, if that is what you have papered your living room walls with, good going! However, that isn’t the only option. 

For a bold look, you can forego the classic wallpaper and choose something that contrasts. Whether it is a self-portrait or something else, choose a pattern that is wholly you.

Decorating – or redecorating – a living space can be thrilling for a homeowner. However, you shouldn’t forget that it also comes with many challenges. 

Your choices need to be tasteful while keeping the design aesthetic. It won’t be just the bigger things, like the couches, that you will have to shop for. Everything from lighting to room space will have to be considered. I say your room lacks natural light; you will have to think of the best way to make it brighter. For a small layout, you’ll have to look for pieces that make it look bigger. Use these stumbling blocks to challenge your creative genius, and you’ll do fine. 

And remember, it is all about you. Therefore, while mixing the perfect color palette and choosing the right furniture, think about what the living room means to you – and your family.

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