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Top kitchen wall décor Mistakes people make and How to overcome them

When it comes to decorating our homes, kitchens walls shouldn’t be left behind. Decorating the kitchen walls is entertaining and fun. But many people get excited while doing and they end up spoiling the decor. These mistakes make the kitchen to have dull look even than before. Learn 3 simple kitchen wall mistakes and their solutions.

1. Color

Color is the major part of your decoration activity. Painting your kitchen walls with the correct colors makes the kitchen appear classy. Most people make wrong choices when it comes to colors. They choose colors that are not meant for kitchen. For instance, red-color is not recommended for kitchen walls. To rectify this mistake, you can research on what colors you can paint your kitchen wall.

Another mistake people make is mixing too many colors at once. This makes the kitchen look more chaotic and confused rather than being attractive. You can avoid mixing too many colors while painting your kitchen wall. Again, make sure that you mix the colors in a balanced way. Pay attention to amount of each color you are using. This way will make your mixture look presentable.

People also make color mistakes by using only one color to pain the kitchen wall. Design experts say that one color is somehow boring. It fails to create the desired mood. Consider a good variation of colors while painting your kitchen wall.

2. Art Decors

Art- decors for kitchen wall are very attractive and creative. They help in spicing up the cooking mood. However, art décor could be part of kitchen wall décor mistakes too. Most design experts advise to have a variety of arts features on the kitchen wall. You should note that too much art is not stylish. Instead, it makes the kitchen wall look so squeezed. In fact, you may lack space for other wall decors. Consider using enough arts in various positions of the wall.

People also choose arts- decors that are not relevant to the kitchen context. For instance, some place an art décor of a car on the kitchen wall. Art decors speak much about your personality. This is the reason why people incorporate art décors of their favorite things and people. Place art decors that go hand in hand with your favorite kitchen items and foods. For example, you can have art decors of your favorite fruits, drinks and dishes in the kitchen.

3. Curtains

Curtains are also part of your kitchen wall décor. The first mistake people make while choosing curtains is color. People end up choosing curtains that does not compliment the kitchen wall color. Choose curtains that boost the color balance of your kitchen to provide the comfy look.

Long curtains are not stylish. Instead they make the kitchen look squeezed. As matter of fact, they can cause fire accidents. Choose curtains that are sizeable to your kitchen windows and doors. Also make sure that the curtains compliment your other kitchen wall decors. Take a look at the pictures to help visualize your own kitchen after the new project.

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