Modern Design Tips When Renovating Your Kitchen

If you could ask homeowners which room in the house they would renovate if their budget allowed for it, they would unanimously answer — the kitchen! 

The fact of the matter is that most homeowners would have a pretty good idea what they would like their dream kitchen to look like, but are stumped for design tips when renovating their kitchen.

One of the first things your neighbors would likely say is that you should contemplate hiring professional help to undertake this task for you. However, before we touch on this point, you need to have some idea of what your dream kitchen should look like Some useful sources would be Home Renovation websites, Houzz, and even Pinterest. 

Something else to consider is whether you want your kitchen to be turned into an open-plan, contemporary, or make use of a more modern design. Allow us to ease the thinking process a bit by providing you with a list of the most important kitchen design ideas.

Kitchen Layout and the Use of Natural Light

Part of the functionality of a kitchen is to make good use of natural light sources. This is the one thing that will influence your decisions regarding the colors of your kitchen cabinets or the arrangement of various elements that will be part of your new design. We are referring to things like countertops, and other work areas. These areas need to get as much light as possible.

You might be one of the lucky few who have big picture windows or sliding doors that open onto the patio. Features like this will open more design possibilities on how to plan your kitchen model. 

Walling and Flooring: Vast Choice of Materials

The choice of walling and flooring materials for a kitchen can be mind-boggling due to the extensive range of tiling options nowadays. To simplify the selection process, we suggest you consider three aspects; quality, design, and resistance. 

Among the most popular choice of materials are porcelain and ceramic as it offers sufficient resistance and durability. 

How Lifestyle Influences Design Options

What would be the main purpose of your kitchen? Is it to entertain or serve as a hub for family activities? Other considerations would be the use of natural light or making room for an island.

Your design options are largely influenced by what works for you now and what will suit your desired lifestyle in the future. These are all considerations you need to take up with your chosen designer before commencing with the kitchen renovation. 

The kitchen must be both functional and practical and this needs to come through in the way it is designed. This is why you need to give it a bit of thought as to what is currently working and how you can incorporate it into your new design. You need to pay specific attention to your layout and decide what will work for you and your family. 

If you have more than enough space, it might be an idea to install a kitchen island for added functionality. 

Do not forget there are a lot of human traffic and even pets and kids that walk or run through your kitchen. It would be wise to keep the cooking area separate and ensure your dishwasher or wash-up area is out of harm’s way. 

Planning Your Kitchen Space

When mapping out your new kitchen design area, be sure to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Allow sufficient space for the swing direction and clearance needs of your appliance doors. Ensure the doors do not bang into each other when opened simultaneously. 
  • For your kitchen counters, you should have at least 36 inches of counter space to accommodate food preparation. The sink area needs to allow 18 inches of space on the one side and 24-inches of space on the other. More space is better. 
  • What a nice thought it is to incorporate two different countertop heights; one for the adults who cook frequently and the other for kids who love baking and getting involved in other food preparations. This space should ideally be situated between the sink and the range. 
  • Just as important is to make provision for your spices and cooking oils, which can be achieved by setting up a shelf either behind or beside the range. One could also place a few S hooks on the side of your range hood so you may hang pots and pans for easy access. 

Modern Innovative Kitchen Design Tips When Renovating

We thought it would be a nice touch to add a few state-of-the-art design tips for your newly renovated kitchen:

  1. Fill up your cook pots — Are you tired of having to lug water-filled pots from your skin to the stove? Have you considered installing a swing-out tap and setting it up near the cooktop area to fill your pots right where they need to be heated? You can always make use of an extra-long hose attachment that connects with your main faucet to fill your pots this way. 
  2. Storing knives the smart way — Set up a designated spot for your knives within a knife drawer that is directly positioned below the preparation area. These feature-specific slots to hold each knife in place and a sheath to safeguard the sharp blades. 
  3. Floating shelves — All of us can do with a little more storage. Why don’t you install a few ledges just above the sink area where you can stack glasses, dishes, and other ornaments?

Final Considerations Before Tackling a Kitchen Renovation Project

Do not forget to invite your chosen designer or contractor to talk about your aspirations and needs for your renovation project. This way, you can check whether your design ideas are feasible. Besides, it will serve as confirmation that your space has been planned in such a way that it will bring newfound convenience and ease of movement for everyone concerned. 

As long as you stick to the plan, and not get caught up in the prospect of getting yourself talked into design ideas that could potentially put you out-of-pocket, you will be fine. Soon, you will sport a brand-new kitchen that everybody will love. 

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