Top Kitchen Design and Organization Ideas in 2019

Without a hint of doubt, the kitchen is considered one of the most-used rooms in any household. Whether it is a place to munch, host parties or help the kids with their homework, it is more than certain that making renovations is a smart choice to add great value to any home.

Nevertheless, planning and designing a new kitchen layout and deciding on how it is going to be organized is not an easy task. Due to the fact that staying organized can prove to be more difficult than anticipated, here are some top kitchen designs and clever organization ideas to think about in 2019.

1.Evaluate and Plan Well

The very first step to designing the kitchen of your dreams and getting organized is to start looking at the big picture. Start off by evaluating the already existing conditions and find out what actually needs to be removed or replaced before the actual remodeling takes place. Of course, this is the time to sit down and figure out how you want to arrange things, and what exactly you have got in mind design-wise.

If you are inexperienced in the field of remodeling, then it is recommended to consult with a professional on the matter. In addition to making rough sketches, think of a clever back-up plan in case you change your mind or if the budget does not allow any extra costs. Only after you decide on a suitable layout should you start considering the actual remodeling aspect. Also, remind yourself that there is no ideal kitchen shape, so let your imagination run loose!

2. Play Around with Materials and Colors

One of the simplest ways to vamp up an old kitchen you got bored of is to experiment with different materials and odd colors. Even though marble is all the rage right now, it is not always the best choice for countertops or table surfaces, due to the fact that it shows wear quite early on. Of course, if you are a fan of the all-white or all-black marble look then take a chance and if etching marks appear, you can always try to convince your guests that you wanted that look on purpose.

Most importantly, keep in mind that whatever material you might end up choosing, it will eventually show wear sooner or later. Also, homeowners can easily play around with different shades to achieve the desired look. Even though all-black kitchens look chic and mysterious, they might not be suitable for smaller areas. In fact, black will visually shrink an already small kitchen, whilst white will make it appear significantly larger.

A fun way to add interest to a modern-looking kitchen is to add hints of bright color here and there for added visual interest. For example, consider getting a hot pink fridge or a neon green lamp to add a tad bit of interest to a plain area.

3. Combine Kitchen Appliances and Kitchen Elements

Has it ever crossed your mind what your life would look like without your trusty blender, coffee machine or dishwasher? Appliances such as those are important parts of our daily routine, whether preparing breakfast, making a comforting espresso or just doing the dishes. The next big thing in kitchen design is getting rid of clutter without actually throwing away any of those precious appliances. For example, a clever way to get more organized and save up space is to conceal some of the kitchen appliances, whilst still making them easily accessible.

An annoying fridge can easily be hidden behind cabinet panels, whilst a dishwasher can be installed into the kitchen island. If you are presented with issues concerning the installation of the new dishwasher, consider purchasing genuine dishwasher spare parts. Luckily, if you are a couch potato, these spare parts will quickly be delivered to your doorstep.

4. Make it Practical

When you focus on making things more practical and functional, it is not too hard to remain organized. The most obvious activity that goes on in a kitchen is cooking and preparing meals. Of course, homeowners who consider themselves true chefs need more counter space to create elaborate dishes. A helpful tip which will add space to move around is to pair the sink and the stove directly across from each other.

This way, there will be enough space for all the chopping and washing, whilst cooking all at the same time. In addition, people with small children have a great need to make things more practical than ever. For example, try placing your kids’ favorite snacks and items on custom shelves they can easily reach without tipping anything over (and causing a huge mess). Also, consider incorporating two countertop heights if you want to get the kids involved in the whole meal preparation process!

In summary, no one wants to spend quality time in a cluttered and outdated kitchen, so it is important to think about making smart changes in 2019. Remember to plan well and figure out what works best for you!

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