Kitchen Cabinet Details With “WOW” Effect

Many Schools Of Thought

Finding that “wow” cabinet for your kitchen or bathroom can be accomplished a number of ways. Which best works for your property certainly depends on your preferences—but there are a few schools of thought to consider here. Whether you go with something more mainstream, or idiosyncratic, will depend on you. Informing your design makes sense, though.

For example, if you have a home or psyche that finds a sort of rustic décor agreeable, then outfitting your restrooms and food preparation spaces with modern appointments may result in a clash. If everything else is cedar, and your bathrooms and kitchens are steel, that has a bit of a jarring effect. However, some seek to impart such an impression.

There is a place for contrast, and there is a place for matching things like cabinets with existing decorative architecture. Finding your balance requires making a specific choice and sticking with it. What informs that choice may be a few different factors. You’re likely going for a “WOW” effect, but you want it to be a positive “WOW!”, not a negative: “…wow.”

Budgetary Considerations

So what’s your budget? Do you have one that’s unlimited? In that case you may hire an interior decorator to go through your premises and figure out something truly unique. From there, such an individual may commission contractors who have skill and reputation putting together niche designs for savvy homeowners.

Going such a route will get you exactly what you want, and produce a “WOW” response in visitors, realtors, or potential home buyers. However, you likely won’t see Return On Investment. If you can decorate without any concern for ROI, then by all means, this may be the best way to go.


However, there are additional options for those with a closer budget. Many people go to different furniture stores, find something that matches their proclivities, and pursue a “rent-to-own” strategy. If that works for you, then excellent! However, you don’t own the furniture you’ve “rented” until you finish paying it off, and there’s likely going to be interest.

Interest can double the totality of what you pay for furniture over getting the cost taken care of in a single lump sum up-front. Still, you can get the best furniture that way. However, for a fraction of that budget, you can additionally find furniture pieces in thrift stores, at flea markets and at garage sales which fit your needs.

The RTA Option

That said, it’s notable that whatever you find going this route will ultimately not be “flush” with your kitchens or restrooms. Certainly you can back an armoire you picked up at an estate sale against the back wall by the dishwasher; but it’s going to look like you did that, and the “wow” may not be positive.

If only there were a sort of happy medium between an idiosyncratic contractor defining specific decisions for your home, and purchasing options on the market at a reasonable price. Well, there is, and it represents a new revolution in the interior design industry. What is this solution? Ready To Assemble, or RTA, cabinetry.

RTA cabinetry works like this: you figure out your parameters for a restroom or kitchen, go online, find which cabinets match the “style” or “look” you’re going for, order the cabinets, and have them shipped to you. At the following site you can find some excellent RTA kitchen and bathroom cabinets; at the very least, you can stimulate your imagination.

Organic “WOW”

At the end of the day, regardless of your budget, regardless of your skill at interior décor or furniture assembly, that which produces the most profound “WOW” response will involve imagination, and originality. It’s hard to be surprised by something you’ve seen before. However, when something you’ve seen before is presented in a unique way, that’s interesting.

Whether you’re purchasing cabinetry from a second-hand store, an estate sale, a garage sale, a rent-to-own agency, wholesale and fresh from the factory, commissioned from a niche designer, or of the RTA variety, incorporate imagination into your bathroom and kitchen interior design for greatest “WOW” potential.

It’s wise to seek the deal, but at the end of the day, what sort of furniture options make you happy? Old oak designs may evoke childhood or youthful memories. They could feel stale. Try not to be pressured, and if you’re living in the home with another who owns the property with you, trade opinions to stimulate your imagination. You get out what you put in.

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