Is Vape Better than Smoking?

Vape is one of the fastest rising trends in recent time. Commonly marketed as a safer alternative to conventional cigarette smoking, vaping has transformed people’s outlook of smoking. A growing number of smokers are turning to vaping both as a quitting strategy and a great way to puff on nicotine. So, is vape better for me than smoking? while there is no clear-cut answer to whether vape is better than smoking, here are some advantages and disadvantages to making that decision.

Control of Nicotine

Both vapers and smokers are usually after the nicotine contained in the cigarettes or vape fluids. While this substance is the essence of smoking or vaping, it can have negative impacts in large quantities. Some of the common effects of nicotine include increased heart rate, affected performance of the lungs and the risk of heart and lung cancer. Controlling the amount of nicotine consumed is therefore critical to maintaining proper health. Vape products are available with varying nicotine percentages. With vape therefore, one has complete control of the amount of nicotine they consume. This is in contrast with cigarette smoking in which the amount of nicotine is determined by the quality of the tobacco. This as a result limits the user’s ability to control the amount of nicotine they consume. They are thus exposed to high risks of suffering the health effects of large nicotine quantities.

Ease of Quitting

As earlier mentioned, prolonged exposure to nicotine can cause serious health complications. In order to avoid these consequences, you may need to develop a strategy for quitting. Nicotine is addictive and quitting can be quite a challenge. This is especially made more difficult by smoking in which the quantity of nicotine cannot be varied. With vape. It is possible to choose a given percentage of nicotine for your vape juice. To avoid suffering withdrawal symptoms, you need to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine you consume in a day. This is much more achievable with vape than it is with smoking. If for instance you vape 0.6% of nicotine, you can gradually reduce to 0.5% then 0.4% until you are comfortable to live without nicotine. It is also worth noting that there are 0% vape juices with no nicotine content.


As compared to traditional cigar smoking, vaping is a lot neater. Being an electric gadget, the vaping juice is heated by a coil that is powered by a battery. No ash is given out in the process. This is unlike smoking in which lots of ash and smoke is released into the air. A vaper can enjoy a puff without worrying about having an ash tray in the room. There is also the issue of the scent. Vape fluids are generally available in sweet scented flavors that range from strawberry to menthol through to apples and blueberries. They therefore smell very nice and hardly leaves after breath. It is therefore a lot neater to vape than it is to smoke.

As can be seen, vape has a lot of advantages over smoking. while it may have its own negative health impacts, vaping can be a better alternative to smoking.

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