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The Industrial Interior Design, What You Should Know About It

Gone are the days when companies did not need to put much attention into industrial interior designs. These days, industries take extra care when setting up their industrial outlets since they know that a well-designed industrial building can further increase patronage. In this write-up, you will learn about some of the best industrial interior designs you can adapt to give your industrial interior a desirable appearance that will keep your workers happy and motivated, while also encouraging your customers to do business with you.

Choice of color

The best color to use in industrial interior design should be neutral and warm since such a combination can have a soothing impact on the workers in the industry, as well as win the potential client over at first sight. Neutral, warm colors create an open and large atmosphere in the interior and make the place wide enough to occupy all the industrial activities that need to take place. Do not forget that the significant number of metal ducts and pipes present in the industry can take the shine off the place, but a neutral and warm painting can douse the sharp, rigid demeanour cast on the room by these metallic materials. One of the best colors to adopt is a shade of grey.

Industrial walls

The best way to improve an industrial design is to wall it around using brick. Brick walls are more refreshing than metallic walls. Concrete is also a good option, but it may not permit adequate air circulation in the room. This is a huge bonus since it stands out more or less like an eye-catcher. The wall should be adequately strong so that it can withstand the pressure of the activities that take place in the industrial building.

Floor choice in an industrial interior

The polished concrete floor is among the best choices of a floor for the modern interior. This choice of a floor is economical and also practical. It can also fit perfectly with the industrial interior theme. It looks perfectly functional with its patches, imperfections, and coarseness. This choice of the floor also has a stunning appearance. It casts an aura of warmth on the building as well as a unique contrast. Aside from polished concrete option, some other designers go for either stone or timber floor. These also work well.

Choice of lighting

This aspect is challenging since lighting options are many out there today. You can go for pendants and floor lamps; they are liberal choices and can fit with all through the industrial design spaces for focused lighting. Pendant lighting can also be included in an industrial interior with metal finishing. If you need ambient lighting, you will find track lighting a befitting option.

Choice of décor

You need to include a softness-infusing décor in the industrial interior to cover up for the multitude of metallic items present there. Examples of décor you can include are rugs, cushions and plush couches. They bring visual balance by contrasting with the industrial features in the interior.


The industrial interior design tips given above will prove effective in giving the industrial interior a unique appearance. Adopting them will not cost you an arm and a leg.

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  1. Great info here not only for a workplace, but those of us who love Industrial Chic design in our home as well. I agree that adding softness is an important element in this design scheme especially in a home environment. Rugs, pillows, etc. can go a long way in softening all the metallics. Thank you for posting!


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