Where Should a Desk Be Placed in a Home Office to Increase Productivity  

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Whenever I see photos on the internet of office at home ideas, I always pay attention to the desk. If, for example, the desk is close to the window, or opposed to the wall or even facing out of the window. The idea for this particular arrangement was from my favorite series, great for the camera, but not great for productivity. As I recommend that you position your table near your home window, or front of the window brings issues that restrict work productivity and level of comfort.  

So, let me ask you this, do you love your private home office? If you do not, have you figured out the reason why your home office structure isn’t in your favor? You will find there’s an actual story driving these concerns, which motivated my study about this topic. For the reason that I understand how necessary it can be for you to appreciate and enjoy the space in which you devote the majority of your time. Let me assist you in making the most suitable home office in your house. 

As outlined by Feng Shui, the position of one’s desk makes a difference on how you feel while getting work done in your working environment. If at all possible, go along with these dos and don’ts in positioning your work desk.  


Position your or place your desk diagonally around from your front door- 


For the reason that this enables you a good range of vision.  


Try put your work desk as though you’re being seated with your back to a wall surface or corner 


This can create a feeling of security. In the event you need to sit with your back to the entranceway, display a mirror in front of you or tilted above your desk. Why? It enables you to check out anyone entering your room. 


You should position your desk in front of room as an alternative to looking at a wall. 


If you choose to put your desk flat against a wall, it’s a good idea when your home window would be to your left in case you are right-handed and vice versa. Check out office furniture company in houston to help you create your ideal work space.


Tend not to put your desk so that your back would be to the entrance 


This may cause you to be easily surprised definitely, and unfocused simply because you can’t say for sure who’s behind you.   


Don’t put your desk in the middle of the room 


You will lose your effectiveness and authority.  


Don’t put your desk straight by the door


You will get the full force of energy levels entering your room, and you might experience confusion 


Don’t position your desk in which you feel crowded, and confined


The switching view outside of the window can give you an inspiring moment and strengthen your thought process by taking a break between tasks. 


The flow of sunlight can assist you in keeping an optimistic mood, even with the cloudier months. 


In case you are worried about more interruptions, position your desk toward the wall; if possible, there should be a window on one side. Placement of a desk facing or by the window is truly the ideal middle ground coupled with a popular alternative for a lot of people. 

In case you don’t like the thought of splitting up a room out of your work area, you may create an eye-appealing concept of your desk alignment. Tables alongside the walls, and furnishings at right angles, may partition the space in a disjointed manner. Have a shot by positioning your desk in an angle, and facing to the room, to link it back to the environment.  

Remember, you will get into and out of your seat, so make sure you will not be bumping into individuals. It would help if you placed your desks in a manner that anybody could get right to their own desk without the need to climb around someone.  

The negative effects of this kind of open-plan are you won’t be in a position to fit as many desks in a room. Maybe take into account smaller sized furniture products or perhaps get started with taking out the mess completely like your unused file. Those files that you are building up could be scanned and upload to your laptop, or perhaps they are useless files and can be throw-out altogether. 

When considering the ideal desk placement, an individual has a lot of choices to choose from. Select one that works well for your particular needs – and also your specific office – and discover just how much more productive you will be once your desk is the place where it must be.


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