Home Office Decor: Design a Comfortable Space you’ll want to Work In

It doesn’t matter if you are new to setting up a home office, or if you have been working in one for ages and finally thinking about giving it an upgrade; we’ve got you covered! Today, we are going to talk all about super comfortable space décor ideas that are supposed to provide a nitro boost to your work speed. We will be talking about some do’s and don’ts, and I’ll throw in a couple of ideas that you probably have tried before and would love it try in your new office setup. So are you up for redecorating your new workspace using some incredible ideas? Let’s begin!

Go Pastel

Consider this especially, if you are a woman! I mean what is there that someone cannot love about pastel shades? I have my office area painted in a light, light turquoise shade (cause I don’t know what the name of that color is!) and it looks incredible. And you don’t even have to be completely aware of the color scheme, to be honest. The manuals come with advice and shades on display. All you have got to do is pick the right colors, and you’re good to go! Having the same bland white walls is no fun at all! And wallpapers can be distracting and too much of maintenance. So you can fearlessly opt for pastel walls, and I’m sure you will be perfectly content with your decision.

Modern Furniture

It is preferable to have functional furniture in place instead of something vintage, pricey and a bit too pretentious. Sure, the woodwork could be a delight to look at and something to flaunt, it is sure to impress the visiting clientele as well. However, the noteworthy point is that the modern furniture can adversely affect your work speed and progress a great deal. I have found that modern furniture can also give your workspace a spacious look as compared to the old furniture. It has a more firm and vibrant feel to it, while the old furniture can look quite somber.

Add a Standing Desk

The second tip is that you should probably add a standing desk to the collection of your home office furniture. Why? Well, there are fair chances that you can gain a lot of pounds working while sitting on that sofa of yours and munching on the snacks (I know what working at the home office is like!). Moreover, it is awful for your neck and back as well. A standing desk will enable you to fix this problem, and it is sure to keep you active. There are plenty of online retailers where you can get one. Check out the Jarvis desks if you’re in the states. Or if you need to buy a standing desk in sg, ErgoEdge is a good choice.

Throw in some comfort

Another essential tip to remember is that while you are making your space comfortable and spacious at the same time, you have got to add the element of comfort in it or otherwise you would be seriously tired and upset. Add a few funky cushions or something like this, or whatever suits your taste. Adding some bright, colorful cushions or small bean bag chairs gives a touch of casualness to the whole space. You can make a tiny retreat place for yourself when you get too tired of working or when you merely need someplace where you can sit and think of new ideas.

Make Sure It Is Airy

You might not realize how important is it for you to have a workspace that is airy and allows your brain cells to breathe. This one factor can be severely inhibiting when it comes to sparking your creativity and thinking about new and more work opportunities. Add some windows in your workspace if you are working at home. Managing more windows with a home office is easy, I have a window in my home office that is as tall as the height of the room, and it opens in the courtyard, and nothing serves as a better inspiration to write as good as my small garden does. It is almost therapeutic. So you should probably consider establishing a beautiful little home office with some windows in it.

Add Mirrors

You should consider adding some mirrors to your home office as well. It might look quite homely, and it is, in fact, a modest décor setup, but I must mention here that adding mirror can have an impact of airiness and illumination in the room. This can make space appear more extensive and more spacious. For example, if you have a mirror affixed to the wall opposing a window, it will reflect the sight visible through the window and generate the illusion of another window. Such visual tactics can significantly improve the quality of your décor if you do it with some consideration.

Author Bio:

Hannah is an interior designer by profession, and she knows all the ins and outs of using the right quality of the furniture and accessories for home décor and workplace. She is also a blogger who loves to write about the home and office maintenance tips and tricks. Check her website here.

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