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5 Interior Design Tips

Designing the interior of a house can be a delicate endeavour because the wrong furniture can ruin the entire look. There are tips to turn the interior of your space from tacky to classy.

Texture your walls.

Sometimes it is not enough to just paint the walls the right color. In order to really give your space that pop and lift that speaks volumes you have to go a step farther. Adding texture to your walls can be done using paints or wall tiles of varying tints or complementing colors and 3d wallpapers as in the pictures below to make your wall more interesting. Another idea is to make use of stucco wall paint, although stucco is mostly used in exteriors, it can become a great interest point when used skilfully in interiors. The good thing about this is it calls for attention and a lot of people want to ask questions about it.


Lighting in spaces can be a very powerful tool to make a statement about a apace. Thanks to technology and research there a a lot of lighting installations readily available, from long horizontal lights to half-moon lights and so on. The brightness and light color also does a lot to a room. For instance, you might want to have the option of warmer lighting in certain spaces depending on their uses at a particular time. Look how lighting in the image is used to give the bathroom a warm feel.

Statement furniture

What better way to say classy than to show off with a focus piece? Remember those spaces you walk into and the first thing you notice is a souvenir that has its own stories, those things were creatively placed for a reason.

You could nail this tip with the use of good old centrepieces, sculptures, aquariums, art works just like in the first picture to complement the theme of the room, you could even make it your textured wall, lighting fixtures in the dining area shown or your fireplace. This piece is supposed to say “I deserved to be looked at” and not “look at me! Look at me” get it? The key to this is not turning your space into a gallery or a creepy space but rather a space that says a little something about its use or owner.


Get in here if you have things hanging and piled up in your home (except if that is part of your design) or if you are a shopaholic. Getting creative like they did here with finding more storage spaces and with adding your storage into the interior design and not just something that happened on you.

Staircase makeover:

Staircases are not just for moving from one level to another anymore, in some case they have been turned to d most sought after space in a building or even more, a powder room. The space underneath your staircase doesn’t just have to be a corner for dusts. You could make it a small home office, a library, a powder room or your pet’s space.

Nonetheless that big landing that has no use could be turned to a comfortable mini library with a bench by the window and shelves. It is always fun to get creative with less used spaces. I bet you will love to sit on the bench below and daydream.

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