Home Design Tips: How To Make Your New Home Fresh After Moving

Whether it’s a mansion or a small apartment, home is where your heart belongs. It’s filled with daily experiences, dreams, cherished memories, and other favorite items that provide warmth and comfort to the place. However, when moving to a new house, you don’t actually feel at home. Nothing will comfy for a few weeks or months after the relocation. Thus, when you relocate, you can make your house a home by incorporating some decoration items.

Here are a few design tips that can make your new home fresh after moving.

1. Add adequate lighting

Lighting can brighten up your new place. For instance, a soft glow can also make your space homier and much cozier. Hence, make sure you provide adequate lighting to help you unwind and relax after a long day. You can also be creative by introducing some night lamps in the bedrooms, chandeliers in the dining room, and even magic lanterns in the backyard. Remember, if you have proper lighting, you can make your space brighter and warmer.

2. Display items that remind you of yourself

When moving to a new home, you probably don’t feel at home. If you want to make your place fresh and void of the previous owners’ memories, display some items that remind you of yourself. These things may be a special piece of painting, a family portrait, or your favorite figurine. When you get to see these things in your new home, they bring freshness and warm energy throughout the area.

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3. Add a few complementary accents

Typically, furniture isn’t the only thing which is essential in home interior design. Aside from the furniture, there are a few other components that may have a substantial visual impact on your space. These elements may include wall art, textiles, plants, and other décor items to pull the area together. Look for some accents that match and unify your new home’s interior design. By incorporating some décor items, you can certainly make your new house feel and look like home.

4. Make your new home clean

You surely don’t want to move to a dirty place. If you want to make your space cozier, do it by keeping it clean. Remember, the physical appearance of your home shows how you feel, and if you want it to have a refreshing vibe, make an effort to keep it fresh after moving. Sweep the floors and other surfaces, wash your sheets and towels, and clear clutter. That way, you can keep your new home untidy and free from clutter.

5. Add plants

If you want to make your place lively and welcoming, it’s best to introduce houseplants that bring a sense of cheer. For example, you can add some large indoor plants into the living room, fresh flowers in the vases, herb pots in the kitchen window, and even planters on the balcony. By going green, you can transform your place into a home that you love.

6. Invest in aromatherapy

Another way to make you feel as comfortable in your place is by bringing the spa home. Spa-related items such as candles, trickling fountains, diffusers, and many more can be added into your home for a great dose of homey-ness. Make sure you do it right so that you can transform your space into a refreshing and inviting home.


Ideally, moving home doesn’t need to be complicated. Simple design details can bring feelings of coziness and warmth throughout your space. If you think all of these home design tips can make you feel good, keep them in mind and start making your house feel like home after moving. Also, if you want to focus on decorating your new home, hire professional movers to handle the moving tasks for you.


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