5 Security Add-On Devices For Better Home Protection

To many homeowners, security in their homes is one of the main priorities of their day to day lives. It’s logical to want to live in a safe environment or in a well-secured house. Truth be said, in recent years, home break-ins have changed the face of security for many homeowners. Traditional methods of lock and key do not seem to work anymore. With technology comes innovation and with innovation comes efficiency. Combining technology and security brings out the best security systems you can think of.

Based on Alarm Freak’s efforts to help homeowners find the best security systems for their homes, it is safe to say that home security needs not be complicated. Imagine being away from home but being able to see what is going on in your house or who is in your front door via your smartphone. Or having a unique beep sound come out when your front gate opens. Smart security is among some of the best security add-on devices you can install today to enhance your home security. The best thing about choosing a security system for your house is, you can have it customized to your liking. This especially true with smart security systems.

Image Sensors

Thanks to technology now, you can have image sensors for your security systems. While video is nice, most of the time all you need is the image of the intruder. This security add-on is beneficial for parents who are not at home most of the time and worry about their children. With this security add-on, you can easily know who is at your house, what is happening and keep track of whether your family is safe at home. The image sensor takes a picture of whoever is in the house and sends it to you wherever you are.

Smart Thermostats

If you know how a thermostat works in an iron box, then you might already have an idea about how the smart thermostat works. Apart from triggering light switches to turn on the lights in the pathways, smart thermostats can turn off the HVAC to help prevent the spread of smoke in case of a fire. They can be set off and off depending on who is at home. You can set the thermostat off to save energy if you are at home and set it on when you leave the house.

Electronic Door Locks

The best thing about electric doors is you do not have to juggle a large bunch of keys. Electronic doors or smart locks have an inbuilt technology that reports who had access to your house and the passcode they used to gain entry. This security add-on device is great for alerting you when the kids come back from school. An email or text message gets sent to your phone when someone gains entry. The device can be installed in interior doors, wine cellars, gun rooms or to protect home theatres from children or pets.

DIY Surveillance Cameras

There is something amazing about DIY activities and devices. In an age where bulky and older technology is being done away with, it would gladden you to know that there are cutting edge surveillance cameras you can install yourself. You can acquire IP enabled surveillance cameras and install them in different parts of your house. The best thing about the cameras is you can monitor your home remotely which makes it easy to peek into your house once in a while when you are away. With this security add-on, you can notify authorities of any unusual activities in your house from the comfort of your office or field.

Smart Doorbells

Most of the home burglar break in that happen when the occupants are at home occur when the intruder knocks at the door or presses the doorbell. With smart doorbells, you get to know who the door is at the entrance before you open. With smart doorbells, you do not have to worry about opening the door to an intruder. The system allows you to communicate with whoever is at the door and only invite them in once you know who it is. With this simple measure, you can keep criminals at bay and catch burglars off-guard. What’s more, you can combine this security with other systems to enhance the sturdiness of your home security systems.


Nothing else can be more important than protecting your family or home. With the evolution of home security systems, home invaders are also devising smart ways to get access to people’s homes. The only way the modern homeowner can be more steps ahead of the intruder is to know the best security add-on devices to install in their homes to enhance security.

If you are not sure which systems to adopt, read reviews of home security systems to get the best advice and guidance on the best security add-on for your home. Having reliable security add-on devices enhances your home security and your peace of mind. Security starts with you, take the initiative to upgrade your systems today.

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