Learn This and Google Home Will be Way More Useful

We live in a superhighway of new developments as technology creates something exciting practically every day. Remember those days when we had rotary phones? There was so much work. We had to pick up the handset from the cradle, place it to our ear, wait for a dial tone, place a finger on the first number, rotate the dial clockwise until your finger touches the metal stop, and finally remove your finger from the opening.

How did the Generation X and the Baby Boomers even survive such a daunting task? With this new generation, the Millennials and Generation Z can’t believe that there was never text messaging or instagram phone apps. Come to think of it, when I talk to my teenage son, I wonder how we managed to communicate without all of the gizmos they have nowadays.

Life can get very busy with our jobs and family. Let’s face it juggling two jobs, putting kids through school, making meals, going to PTA meetings, it can get so overwhelming. Sometimes you really do need an assistant. That’s when I discovered Google Home. It is a brand of smart speakers to use at home and enables users to give voice commands to interact and call upon services. Here is what I learned about how easy it is to use this service.

Google Home is a voice virtual helper that is connected via the internet. It is voice activated and was developed for Google assistant. It can play music and so much more.

In contrast to Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, Google Home is always listening to your environment and won’t record what you are saying unless you program it to do so.  There are so many things you can do with Google home, Says Alex Tchablakian, COO at Letstango.com. Here are just a few:

You can play white noise while you sleep.

White noise is a comfortable sound frequency that helps you to relax so you can sleep. For those Generation X’s and Baby Boomers, you may recall this with older TVs when the broadcast signed off for the night and the TV had static sounds. With Google home, soothing sound waves will put to sleep even the most difficult sleeper in your household. No more counting sheep for you!

Broadcast voice messages to Google Home devices.

You can send a message to everyone in your home. For example “I am going to Jennifer’s house”, I’m going to work”, “please wash the dishes”, Please walk the dog” and so much more. So now you can’t tell your mom or Dad or your partner that you didn’t hear them when they said “Take out the trash!”

Ability to control your smart home.

Whether you go on vacation or just going to your job, you can control the appliances, lighting heating air condition and even the TV and computer system. Now you don’t have to worry if you turned off that stove! Your house will be safe and secure with the high tech security features that can be controlled from anywhere.

Daily reminders

You can get daily reminders for appointments and prompts for simple things to workout, control your diet, take the dog out for a walk, and so much more!

Make hand free calls

This is my favorite part. How many times does the phone ring when you are preparing dinner and somebody calls you. Or you are taking a bath and the phone rings. You don’t want to miss that important phone call. With this option it makes it easy so you will never have to miss a call. This is such a vast improvement from back in the days with the rotary phone, where you needed to unwind from a tangled phone cord just to reach the stove to turn it off so you can talk.

Find your lost cell phone

How many times have you been in a rush trying to get out the door and you lose your phone? You go nuts trying to retrace your step. With Google home, you can ask it to call your phone and you will find it. How did your phone get into the laundry hamper anyways?

Switch to night mode

You can set the timer so that it automatically sets the LED lights and dimmer to a night setting. You can also mute any notifications that may disturb you. The only thing it can’t do is tuck you in a night! But I’m sure that will come in time.

Turn the TV on or off

Watching TV late at night and falling asleep happens when you are very tired. With Google home , you can set up a timer that will set the TV to turn on or off and never miss your favorite show.

Different languages switching.

We live in such a diverse multicultural universe. You may speak English to your friend, but if you Grandmother calls, she likes to speak in Spanish. This option enables you to switch to different languages when necessary for better communication.

Locate local plumbers and technicians quickly

This is something that would be very useful. There are times when things happen. For example, there has been a big storm and a couple of tiles from your roof have been ripped off due to high winds. Or your bathroom sink has a leak. You panic and not sure who to call. With Google home, all you have to do is ask and receive and you will find a local technician at your fingertips. No more searching for that yellow-pages directory and flipping through in panic. Google home will do this for you.

Set up daily positive phrases

There is nothing better than having a cheery good morning and wishing you a great day. Setting up positive phrases like “Be the best that you can be!” “Don’t fret the small stuff!” or “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough!”

After reviewing all of this, I was wondering myself how did I ever survive the 1980’s? Google home is so useful and practical. It is designed to make our every day more manageable. This voice activated speaker is from the eponymous search giant is one of the best in the market. Sure they are competing with Amazon Echo, but the features such as not recording your voice unless you program it to do so makes it a better product.

You can either say “HEY Google! To prompt it to help you out.

The list of commands are endless and keep growing! Everything from conversational commands to continued conversations. Google home is here to make your life easier.

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