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4 Farmhouse Living Room Maintenance Mistakes New owners make

The first thing new farm home buyers think of is how to restore the old structures. If you are thinking of buying a farm house, you’ve probably already set a budget for its restoration. Maintaining an old home is rewarding anyway. However, maintaining an old home can be expensive and complicated. Avoid the following 4 mistakes people make.

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4. Don’t Replace Everything

When your farm house was being built, the world was totally different from the way it is today. Bathroom and kitchen products were custom made. Living rooms were designed to display the style of the time. Nowadays, everything is mass-made. Your luxurious bath tub is owned by thousands of people in the country. Your sofas can easily be changed.

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But for the farm house, everything was designed to suit the owner’s preferences. If you want to spend your holidays in the farm house, let the farm house be the farm house. Forget about the modern sofas and tables that grace your home. A farm house should provide the farm feel that’s makes you want to relax and spend more days. You can make a few replacements to suit your style, but don’t make the mistake of turning a farm house in a 21st century home.

3. Seeking Perfection

Wanting your farm house to look better than everybody else’s is not bad. But it’s not a competition. Constantly looking for ways to better an old house can be a recipe for destroying it. Let’s start with the fact that it’s already old. Your home has probably hosted 2-3 generations before you purchased it. Its structures are already weak despite the outlook. Trying to perfect such a home by over ambitiously water proofing, adding epoxy at all corners and power washing will add more damage than good.

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Water proofing, for example, leaves little space for your home. Moisture begins to build up, mold and fungi develops and before it’s long you never want to visit the home. Excessive power washing, one the other hand, can wear the already weak structures. When restoring the interiors, don’t try to make a farm house look perfect. Take a look at these pictures and you will realize that true perfection lies in the simplicity of a farm house.

2. Lack of Planning

As we had earlier mentioned, restoring a farm home takes time. It’s a process you don’t want to complete in one day. Call a professional to assess the home’s damage for you. The most common issues with farm houses have to do with leaking, irregular floors and weak structures. A professional can help assess the roof, walls, floors and anything else that makes you want to restore first. Enjoy more farm house pictures below as you consider restoring yours.

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1. Not Thinking about the Future

Ask yourself, what do you want to do with the farm house in 15 years’ time? Because if you have plans to sell it, there are important factors you must keep in mind. One, most people look for well-maintained farm houses but they don’t want to pay too high. So, as much as you want to embellish the farm home, don’t pay too much that you will end up getting little value when you sell it.

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