Farmhouse Rustic Lighting | Lighting Ideas

Sometime in the future, I would love to live in a sweet little bungalow. Or on the other hand perhaps a farmhouse.

There would need to be a rivulet going through the property with the goal that I could hear it jibber jabber while I swing on the yard.

Try not to misunderstand me, I cherish my home at this point. Our home now is more current, yet it is in an incredible neighborhood for our family. Also, it is the subject of my blog, Finding Home.

However, when we are prepared to leave here, I need a place where the floor squeaks from years of wear and tear and is loaded with heaps of character.

While I am longing for this house, or farmhouse, I enliven it in my brain. What’s more, what characterizes a home more than the lighting? So I figured I would share a few thoughts of the bungalow that lives in my psyche, for the time being.

To start, I think it should be somewhat fun and particular, so there would be two of these astonishing lights over my lounge area table.

Also, I think there would need to be a library loaded with books. It would be somewhat dull and grumpy and the ideal place to go on a blustery day with a some espresso. Furthermore, in the corner, over the ideal comfortable seat would be this ceiling fixture.

In the kitchen, we would have a bit of vintage furniture transformed into an island with a butcher piece top. It would be loaded with new veggies being prepared for supper. Over the island, we would hang this ideal installation for diffused light.

Also, in our room, there would be excellent botanical backdrop, painted wood floors and heaps of agreeable pads and duvets. Also, on the end table, would be this impeccable light.

Along these lines, when we some time or another have our bungalow or farmhouse, you should go along with us for tea on the patio. Meanwhile, we can proceed to plan and dream. Once in a while that is the best time in any case.