Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas to Inspire Your Next Remodel

farmhouse kitchen

No matter what you have going on in the rest of the house, your kitchen can be styled in a completely different design. With the rise of incorporating natural materials in our homes, farmhouse design is becoming increasingly popular even when it comes to kitchens. This chic and welcoming style is perfect for this space because the kitchen is the heart of every home. There are countless ways to implement this style and still keep everything modern and functional, and if you’d like to keep everything casual but still pay attention to small details, think about revamping your kitchen and giving it a rustic vibe.

Light colors

When you think about the typical color palette that’s incorporated into this style, lighter hues are the perfect match because they make any room more open and create the illusion of a much bigger space. Bright colors will also reflect natural light which is perfect if your kitchen is in the dark. These neutral colors, with shades of grey and beige leading the way, are the perfect foundation for the rest of the items you’d add later on. This will allow you to add more color when it comes to appliances and kitchen cabinets to add some twist into the design.

A touch of black

Even though the farmhouse style is usually filled with soft colors, there are some dark and bold parts of this design. The use of black is one of the most common ways to add something unusual and interesting into the mix, and there are few additions that fit into the design perfectly without breaking that casual feel. A great black pantry in the middle of your cabinets with some open shelves will break the cycle of a one-colored scheme. This storage space will come in useful when storing all your kitchen essentials, but also when adding décor.

Stylish appliances

When it comes to choosing appliances that will reflect the farmhouse style, there’s nothing better than opting for stainless steel models because these will fit into this design perfectly. They’re much easier to combine with a light color palette than colored appliances because you want to keep the unity of the space. Some of the much-needed additions are definitely a modern range hood, a farmhouse sink, and a practical dishwasher. Keep in mind that you’re trying to achieve a clean look and that’s precisely what these fantastic appliances will give your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets

Open shelves and cabinets are one way you can go when it comes to achieving that farmhouse feel. On the other hand, wood is one of the most frequently used materials when it comes to cabinets, taking over the first place from glass finishes. If you want to keep the look as natural as possible, opt for a natural wood color, giving your cabinets only a nice finish. However, if you want to make things more interesting, a white finish will be perfect, especially if you add metal handles since this is the combination you can see in many farmhouse-inspired kitchens.

Amazing countertops

Usually, you have a variety of choices when you start choosing your countertops, but if you want to stay true to the farmhouse style, there’s only one option. Wood is, of course, the number one material because of its sustainability and practicality in the maintenance department. There are many different types of wood and you can find countertops in different shades. This will allow you to break the pattern of light shades by opting for dark wooden countertops. Apart from that, it will also introduce a rich tone into the design and break the cycle of colored wood you’ve already used for the kitchen cabinets.

Small finishing touches

This design isn’t big on having too many decorations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some style into it. If you want to upgrade your sink with a modern touch, opt for a farmhouse kitchen faucet that will turn into the focal point of the room because of its uniqueness. Apart from that, you’ll need to think about lighting fixtures, so try to find some unique and rustic pieces to accentuate certain parts of the kitchen. This will create a different look because you’ll be able to change the light and shift the attention from one part of the kitchen to the other.

Farmhouse design has become one of the most popular styles and it will certainly be implemented into many homes this year because of its inviting feel. There’s nothing better than creating a kitchen you’ll want to cook and spend lots of time with your family in.

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