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Amazing Ideas to Convert Room into Farmhouse Bedroom Style

Bored of the old look of your bedroom? Need a change and want to give a refreshing appearance to your room? Than why not to try a traditional farmhouse décor for your room? Addition of repurposed wooden window or milk jug type vase and heirloom quilt will definitely bring a change to your room. if you want to add a touch of country chic to your modern bedroom or want to transfer your bedroom to old fashioned retreat you can adopt some of the amazing ideas given below. Adopt anyone of the style according to your taste and enjoy living in it.

Addition of wooden ceilings and railway crate headboard style

Have you ever dreamt of living near railway track or near woods? Yes, but never got a chance to spend few days of life there than don’t worry. Convert your room into country style by modifying roof with wooden blocks.  Craft the bed’s headboard in your own style by converting in like railway crate headboard style.  Add a warm glow to the vintage style board by placing lanterns on each side of board. Just see the original picture from the designer

Dark wood floor along with the lanterns

Another incredible way to give your room the farmhouse look is the addition of the wooden floor. Although wooden tiles are in these days, but addition in rough form give the perfect country look to your room. along with modification of the floor you can add old style lanterns to your room. This will add the proper look of the farmhouse style and you will really enjoy spending in your cozy room.

Addition of old ladder and wooden planks

It is not necessary to convert room in farmhouse style by modifying ceilings or roof or walls of the room. simply addition of some country style decoratives can fulfill your wish to live in country style room. you can place old ladder to the side of your bed and fix the frame into it. Another way to improve look is to add the wooden plank and place old style decoration pieces like small lanterns, Jewellery box or wooden box to give the rural area impact.

Addition of primitive furniture and decoration with wooden stems

These days markets are full of different style decoratives and furniture style. Some furniture showrooms provide you customized furniture with special rural look or primitive style. You can place bed, chairs and sofa of old traditional style for the country style look. still not satisfied? Decorate the bed with the wooden painted stems so that you feel sleeping in the woods or near your own farm.

There are a lot of ideas that can help you to convert your bedroom in old style farmhouse look. you can do it by yourself by utilizing some old decoratives like basket shelves, windmill clock, hanger, planter frame, bracket and addition of wooden frames.  Just have a look in your store room and bring your granny’s things out of it and start your work. Through little effort you will able to get your favorite farmhouse style bedroom.


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