Why You Should Consider Epoxy Floors

Back then, it used to be just epoxy coatings where you apply epoxy to pipes to hold the water in. Epoxy coatings were also used to preserve a concrete floor and hide its cracks and dents. 

Now there is a new type of floor that homeowners are considering and that’s the epoxy floor. Epoxy flooring is made up of resin and hardeners mixed together to produce a more durable flooring. Compared to epoxy coatings, epoxy floors are at least 2 mm thick. It’s similar to plastic but a lot harder and more resistant to impact. 

Advantages of Installing an Epoxy Floor

Epoxy floors have a lot of advantages. If you’re wondering why it’s starting to replace cement floors in homes and industrial plants, here is a breakdown.

1. Easy to maintain

Epoxy floors are very easy to maintain. In fact, they are one of the floor types that require minimal maintenance. Since epoxy seals off pores and evens out dents and cracks, you can easily sweep the floor and wipe it with a damp mop. At the same time, when something spills on the floor, you don’t have to worry about the water seeping into cracks. The coating provides a good sealant against any form of moisture.

 2. Affordable

If you’re wondering what kind of floor is both affordable and durable for your garage or industrial plant, then look no further because the obvious choice is the epoxy floor. Since it can be put on top of cement, the cost is much less as compared to installing a new floor. 

3. Highly resistant

There’s no doubt that along with the floor’s durability, it is also highly resistant to different types of wear and tear. Epoxy floors are popular for being resistant to cracks, moisture, and even gasoline. Thanks to the concrete underneath it, this kind of floor does not have to be replaced for a good 30 years for residential places. 

4. Versatile

When it comes to design, epoxy floors are good reflectors. This is good for warehouses and plants because the floor reflects light making the place look brighter and wider. This works for homes and studios as well. Epoxy floors have a natural shine to them, making a place more professional-looking. This is why some studios prefer having this type of floor. 

Another advantage of this type of flooring is it has a lot of different hues to choose from. If you don’t want to have gray floors, then you can choose from a wide range of colors to suit your style. There are also patterns available for epoxy floors. Some people choose to paint their own floors as well. 

If you find yourself being sold to epoxy floors for your garage, parking lot, studio, or factory, then you might want to consider searching for epoxy floor professionals. As you do this, remember that the longevity of the floor also depends on the installation. Make sure that you hire someone who is knowledgeable about epoxy floors and also uses high-quality products. 


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