5 Benefits of Using Decorative Concrete in Kitchen Countertops

Throw away the notion that incorporating concrete in your countertops will turn part of your kitchen into a chunk of pavement. Because on the contrary, today’s decorative concrete countertops have quite the striking appearance.

A concrete kitchen countertop is a good choice for remodelling. Concrete is a durable and solid material that puts great consideration on design. You can even personalise concrete into something unique without suffering excessive costs.

Along with their splendour, decorative concrete countertops also boast several benefits. An established kitchen remodeling company lists them down.

1. Flexibility

A part of concrete’s appeal is its capability to work in various applications while others cannot. Its flexibility is highly valuable, such as in being moulded into non-uniform and odd shapes. Moreover, you can use it not only visually but also functionally because of its ability to form in various designs and shapes.

Concrete is the most adaptable surface material available. You can use various kinds of concrete mixes to deliver a different range of surface textures and finishes. However, concrete’s versatility also comes with experience because working with such a material takes years to master.


Since you use concrete in a semi-liquid state before turning hard, it’s effortless to custom design kitchen countertops. No matter how small or big your kitchen is, adding inlays or creating a decorative edge are simple.

2 – Cost Effective

Concrete countertops can cost you less and last longer. Once cured and sealed, your decorative concrete countertops are likely to last longer than your house! On an average, the cost of your concrete countertop will cost you less than a high-end quart, marble or granite ones. But nevertheless, it will be equal in durability and aesthetic appeal.

3 – Unlimited Design Choices

It’s about time you change your misconception about the appearance of a concrete kitchen countertop. In fact, it won’t look similar to a piece of outdoor concrete in your property – unless if you want an industrial look.

Today’s concrete countertops appear more like a natural stone. It’s achieved through a method called “acid staining” which produces a stippled look of slate or granite. What’s more, your concrete can be in various colours from light to dark.

Here are other popular looks of a decorative kitchen countertop.

  • Concrete tinted in a variety of colours to match your flooring, decor, or cabinets
  • Glass, ceramic or stone tiles embedded in concrete to come up with an attractive edge or border
  • Etched concrete surface to add a pattern

The design possibilities of concrete are only limited by your imagination and skill of the concrete installer. Let a professional handle the installation of your concrete countertop. Also, make sure to choose a concrete installer that exhibits creativity and skill.

4 – Durable

It’s a known fact that concrete is hard and resists scratching and chipping. With a minimum amount of maintenance, your concrete countertop can last for decades! You are less likely to replace it until you want a new look for your kitchen.

Heat Resistant

If you adore cooking, having a concrete kitchen countertop will be an asset. Concrete stands up to the heat of a stove as well as pans and hot spots.

5 – Easy to Maintain

The only maintenance you are likely to expect for your concrete countertop is to reseal it every few years. It’s an easy and quick job and when done properly, your countertop won’t stain or shelter bacteria. With just mild soap and water, you can clean-up your countertop quickly.

Using concrete for your kitchen countertop will truly change your impression of concrete. Concrete creates a unique look while combining low-maintenance durability and visual excitement. Plus, if you are planning to renovate your home to sell in the future, installing a new kitchen countertop can raise the house’s value.

Working with a decorative concrete makes the possibilities endless for your kitchen countertop. And with sleek finishing, lower cost and easy customization, you can definitely ensure that your countertop is one of a kind.


Bill Fannin started Post & Beam 27 years ago as a small construction company and, in 2004, decided to specialize in design/build. Since then, he has grown the company into a very reputable Design/Build Firm. You can find Bill in the office helping with estimates, consulting clients, and even on the job helping the carpenters. Bill is a Certified Graduate Remodeler and Certified Green Professional.

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