Methods of Making Your Clothes Last Longer

Most people spend a lot of time on clothing and how to avoid the mall at all costs. Although kids can outgrow their clothing fairly faster, adults can use theirs quite for a good number of years. Longer-lasting clothing means more money in your pocket; hence need to be careful about clothing storage. Here are ways of ensuring the quality of your clothing is maintained.

Clean Clothes Before Storing them

The most important rule for storing clothes is to ensure that they are properly cleaned before being stored. You can decide either to wash or dry clean them. Visually, they might not look dirty, but with time any dirt, sweat, or soil on the clothing can cause set-in stains. Contaminated areas can cause some yellow looking stains when you get out the dirty stored clothes. Moreover, dirty clothes may attract pests into your wardrobe. Make sure to take off the garments’ plastic bags before storing them if the clothes are dry cleaned. Usually, the bags can trap moisture that causes your clothes to smell musty with time. Additionally, all clothes should be dry before they are stored. There should be no slight damp from their recent wash since it can cause mildew and mold growth.

Choose a Good Storage Location

Be sure that there are many good places in your house to store your clothes. The best storage place should be cool, dry, and well ventilated. Excess heat can as well damage clothing fibers and set-in stains. It is advisable to avoid a storage location that is direct to sunlight since the sun can fade clothes. If your basement is prone to flooding or excessive moisture, there is no need to keep your clothes there. To suitably store your clothes, think of custom fitted wardrobes.

Buy Clothes in Good Quality

It is ever a good idea to buy quality clothing. Once you spend more on quality clothes that never go out of style, you create a strong base wardrobe with longevity in mind. After this, you can add in cheaper and trendier pieces for a season. A decision is required on how to allot your budget. Put some money aside for trendy and funny items and set more cash to purchase pieces bound to stand for a longer period.

Learn Basic Repairs

Learning to do some basic repairs on your clothing, like replacing a missing button or loose thread, can make them last longer and save you a lot of money. Some repairs are too insignificant to involve a tailor. Videos from online sites can teach you everything you need to know about sewing.

Ensure to Deter Pests During Storage

The most common problem with clothing storage is when pests like carpet beetles invade. Once this happens, you are left with holey clothes that you cannot wear. Ensure to deter pests through thorough cleaning of the clothes before keeping them. Using proper containers for holding clothes can also significantly reduce the risk of pest invasion. To keep your clothes safer and make them last longer, consider the custom fitted wardrobes.


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