Hooded Eyes: What is It and How to Get Rid of it [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

An Introduction to Hooded Eyes Do you have hooded eyes? You’re not alone. Many famous celebrities have hooded eyes. In many cases, hooded eye are not a problem, though there are exceptions. And if you feel uncomfortable with the way you look with your hooded eyes, you might want to do something about them. Often … Read moreHooded Eyes: What is It and How to Get Rid of it [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

How to Deal With Stress When Moving

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your upcoming move — good or bad, exciting or nerve-wracking — the process is going to be fast-paced, overwhelming, and potentially stressful. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! It is possible to go through with a move and not turn your hair gray at the same time. If this … Read moreHow to Deal With Stress When Moving

Make-up Tutorial for Downturned Eyes

Do you have downturned eyes? If that simple five-word inquiry has made you contemplate your eye shape– excellent! When you’re able to properly identify your eye shape, you’ll be much better suited to develop shape-enhancing eye make-up masterpieces with eye shadow and eye liner, like feline eyes and also great smoky eyes. Maintain checking out … Read moreMake-up Tutorial for Downturned Eyes