4 Best Studio Layouts For 2020

Trends come and go, but the real style will always have a sense of true vision, a voice, and a perspective. That is why if you are decorating your flat and have one too many inspirations, it becomes a mish-mash of styles, resulting in a style vomit. But to each their own, right? After all, it’s your space. But to make space look more streamlined, you’ll need to edit out.

And editing out will be hard. No, it will be grueling. You have to let go of stuff that may or may not have an emotional value for you -just for the sake of having a coherent style language. So it’s very recommendable that if you have a studio, having a main theme alongside a great layout is imperative. 

The layout is the foundation of the aesthetic language of the space, so starting there makes sense. A studio is quite a small space, and you’ll need to put in several main parts: a kitchen, bedroom, and a living. Most studio-type apartments and condo units are less than 55 square meters, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a spacious-looking space.

Determine what your priority is first.

Ask yourself these questions: What will you mainly use your apartment for? Sleep, binge-watching, a home away from home? What are the chances that you will want a new layout after six months? Will your priorities change in the next years or so? Answering these questions will determine what layout is the best for you.

You can scour the best interior ideas on coffee table books and the Internet, but it won’t ultimately apply to the space you have when you haven’t identified what you will be mainly using it for. If you’re a home buddy and will binge-watch series on the weekend, and maybe invite some friends over,  wider dining should be your priority.

If you’re the type of person that’s always on the go and will only use your apartment for sleep and relaxation, creating a hotel-type studio will be more apt for your needs. If you’re going to use the studio as a working and living space, it’s best to look into suspended beds to use the space below as extended office space.

Elevate your bedroom for more storage.

One of the most common dilemmas for studio owners is the lack of space for their stuff. Elevating the bedroom for at least a few feet and using the space for storage will give more space. You can store your kitchen necessities in there if your kitchen directly lines up with the bedroom.

Another take on elevating your bedroom is suspending it on the air. Suspended bedrooms not only increases floor space underneath, but it also serves as a statement piece, a stylistic choice, and a cool addition to your place. If you’re elevating your bed, whether just a few feet or suspending it, make sure to paint the walls another color to set it up as a different space.

Get furniture that can double its functions.

This advice is as old as when the first studio-type apartments appeared in the world. It ‘s a classic and still is applicable today. A sofa bed, for example, can be used by unexpected visitors, or your parents when they visit. Most furniture which has multiple uses can be difficult to find, but it’s now easier through research and the right connections.

The key to making double-duty furniture work is to style them effectively. A bright rug, choice throw pillows and the paint in the room should work with the furniture to make it unnoticeable so that it perfectly blends in with the environment. 


The Japanese way of living teaches us to identify what we need and stick to it. Most people are afraid of minimalism, but what they don’t know is that your space can still be minimalist without sacrificing style. Sliding doors, or folding glass doors for that matter, is effective in making your space look spacious yet compartmentalized.


Making a studio apartment work for you is easy with the right vision, an exact implementation of that vision, and the ability to adjust as you go. If something doesn’t work, find ways to circumvent, and find alternatives rather than pushing what can’t be. Research, but identify only those ideas that will apply to your remodeling.


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