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Do You Need a Bedroom Rug? Of course you do!

The last time you planned a renovation, did you include your bedroom? We often overlook our bedrooms. Not anymore! The bedroom is the place where you sleep and rest. It is as important as the rest of the house.
Perhaps you did include the room in the plans. Now you are wondering if you need a rug. The answer is always yes. Rugs are incredible items that give a special touch to every space. Bedroom rugs are great decoration but also functional.

The Right Size

One would think that the bigger the rug, the better. It is not the case for bedroom rugs. Interior designers established an unofficial rule for bedroom rugs. If it is going to cover the whole bedroom floor, it should be separate from the walls by a couple of inches.
If you are using a medium size rug, make sure it fits the front legs of the furniture. If the rug goes next to the bed, pick a smaller size.

Creating a New Area

Houses with a wide master room will have enough space for a special area. It could be a place to sit down and read. Bedroom rugs could create a space for your vanity. It is all about the purpose you have in mind for the carpet.
Creating a new space with a rug is nothing new. Projects with open spaces use carpets to separate one area from the other.

Multiple Rugs

You could have multiple bedroom rugs. However, there must be certain distance between one rug and the other. Make sure the styles go well together. Clashing rugs will interrupt the flow of the decoration. Having the same pattern in two rugs could be boring. Having too many designs will be overwhelming.
If you do not want different patterns, consider having similar colors. A room with too many styles will stress you. Settle for one and make it work.

Protect Your Floor

It is easy to damage a wooden floor. All you need to do is drag some furniture over it and you will see the result. Big bedroom rugs will protect your floor. People move their beds and furniture around the room. With a bedroom rug in place, you can move whatever you want. Your floor will be safe from damage.

Are you tired of getting out of bed a touching the cold floor? Bedroom rugs guarantee a warm beginning every morning. If you live in an apartment building, a rug will protect you from complains. It absorbs the impact of your steps. The downstairs neighbor will have no reason to knock on your door.
Bedroom rugs will take your space from generic to cozy and warm. Go for a soft material like wool or something special like a shag rug. Perhaps you are not planning a complete renovation. If you only want to change your space a little, bedroom rugs will do the job. Find a style that goes with your personality and enjoy the newest vibe in your bedroom.

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