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5 Ways Bay Windows Can Beautify Your Home

If there is one lesson you should learn regarding home architecture, it is to never judge a bay window by its outward appearance. Bay windows give an illusion of a pregnant house with its protruding exteriors, it is also considered to be old-fashioned by some homeowners and considered as a total waste of space by some other people. In reality, bay windows are said to be transforming the interior parts of a home with its sheer uniqueness and innovation. Here are 5 ways bay windows can beautify your home.

1. From the interior, bay windows give your home a unique extra space; it adds ventilation, light and might just seem like an empty box with no use. With the inclusion of a small flower garden to this part of your home, that unnecessary space gradually transforms into a beautiful space. The flower can be placed in a row on the floor, very close to the wall or it can be placed in a very large placed on the floor or in small vases and placed on a table. Whatever rocks your boat but the idea is to place the flowers strategically to transform the look of your home.

2. The bay area can be used as a seating area in your living room. Place a beautiful settee just directly in front of the bay window overlooking the living room. It gives the room a contemporary feel and adds color to your home. When selecting your settee, ensure that you go for a color that will complement the furniture already chosen for your home

3. Bay windows are not only created for the living room area, but it can also be an added feature to your bedroom. Using the bay area as a workspace and storage place is one way the bay windows beautify your home. The workspace table should be created to take the shape of the bay window and made to look like one part of the whole bay window. The beauty this creates a bedroom is invigorating.

4. If the right kinds of bay windows are erected in the bay area, sometimes there will be no need for extra furniture or design to up the beauty of a bay window. Bay windows if designed properly gives a spellbinding effect to any home but imagine the bay area furnished with a little dining set. The dining set will overlook the bay windows and give your home a uniquely beautiful look

5. The bay area in the kitchen can be used to house a kitchen stand or table. The table will be built in such a way that the rest of the bay window will not be hidden from sight. Kitchen utensils and wares can be placed in strategic positions on the table. The idea is not to take away the beauty of the bay window by covering it.
Bay windows have been an innovation in architecture for so many years, and over the years it has grown from just being a space to being a form of additional beauty to your home.

Perfect for rooms with great views, a bay window adds architectural flare while maximizing room space, allowing in more light, accentuating outdoor visibility.

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