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5 Tips to Decorate Your Bathroom Wall Décor

Your bathroom is the only place in your house where you freshen up after a long day at work. However, dull bathroom wall decors can make your freshening time boring. The good news is that decorating your bathroom is not necessarily expensive and complicated. The only trick here is making sure that you cover most of the negative space on your bathroom wall. Discover the simple tips to spice up your bathroom wall décor.

5. Painting

Colors make your bathroom feel like a relaxing spa. They also set the freshening mood of your bathroom by making it more attractive. Choose the colors that match your style and designs you are opting for. Avoid too dull colors as well as too bright colors. You can paint your bathroom walls using water colors, arctic blue, sky blue, white and many more. Below are pictures to give you an idea of how to paint yours.

4. Towel frames

The way you hang your towels determines the appearance of your bathroom. The best way of hanging your towel is to fix a towel frame on the bathroom wall. You will be decorating your bathroom wall as well. Towel frames make your bathroom look more expensive and classy. Your towel frame should complement the wall color.

3. Decorative shelf

Fix a shelf on your bathroom wall. Make sure that the shelf is decorated to make your bathroom look more sophisticated. The shelf will be the home of your lotions, extra soaps and toilette papers and toilette disinfectants. You can fix a wooden shelf to make your bathroom look more natural at the same time classy.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors not only decorate your bathroom walls, but they also act as a source of light in your bathroom through reflection. Add a sizeable mirror on your bathroom wall depending on the size of your bathroom. Most importantly, your bathroom mirrors should have a frame to prevent them from falling off. You can make your bathroom wall more spa-like by fixing mirrors with stylish frames. If you cannot afford design frames, you can just paint your mirror frame to make it stylish.

1. Art on your bathroom walls/h2>

Your bathroom needs to feel cozy just like your sitting room. You can achieve this by adding art-decors on your bathroom wall. Pay attention to the shape and color of the art décor you want to use. It should complement your other bathroom wall decors. You don’t want to have an art- décor that will appear odd one out.
You can incorporate arts from your favorite landscapes. Whether mountains or forests or oceans or rocks. The good thing about art- décor is that you can make yours on your own. For example, you can use strings to create an animal art décor. Alternatively, you can add your family photos on your bathroom.

Before you settle on the decor to go with, admire these pictures and probably get an idea of what to choose for your own kitchen.

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