5 Tips on Buying the Best Bathroom Suites

Choosing and buying bathroom suites can be extremely overwhelming, stressful and costly at first. It could even be confusing due to the variety of styles and designs available, all of which would be amazing and seem perfect, thus difficult to choose from. This is why these tips are very important and should be your guide when buying a bathroom suite. Two of the most popular styles are the Contemporary and Traditional suites. Not to be punny but the first step is choosing the suite that best suits your taste.

Most traditional bathroom styles are classic. They give the aura and look of a Victorian or Edwardian bathroom. This does not mean the devices that would be installed are old-fashioned or archaic. They would simply give a traditional look but provide the modern functionality nevertheless.

Contemporary bathroom styles majorly involve all the latest styles and designs. It consists of all the latest designs yet and is most suitable for modern homes. They also have a series of size options as long as they suit your taste.

The Size of Your Bathroom

It is important to put into consideration the size of bathroom you want and the space available to achieve it. Based on the style of bathroom suite you have chosen, it is best to ascertain if your bathroom space would accommodate the suite style of your choice. Whether it is a small suite, a cloakroom, an ensuite you are designing, the size must be considered first. Also, the storage options you have should be pondered on carefully to ensure that your space is properly utilized.

Suites That Suit The Style of Your Home

This is another factor to consider when choosing a bathroom suite style. Matching your bathroom suite style with the house decor gives a feel of uniformity and harmony. The contemporary suite styles are highly compatible with modern homes and the traditional suite styles with ancestral properties.

Bathroom Suite Equipment

Although it is possible to buy all your items you need for your bathroom suite separately, it is always a good idea to purchase them from the same range such as the toilet and basins as this would give the bathroom a sense of coordination. A great way to save time and money is to buy the items in bathroom bundles. They come with similar features and have given a better deal.

Colours and Their Themes

These are portrayed by the message your chosen color gives. Choosing the right color is important for the bathroom to give a nurturing effect every day. Colours should not be mismatched or be in contrast.


How long you need the bathroom suite for is a factor to consider. Quick fixed may not require elaborate or expensive models. However, long-term fixes mean investment and this is where it is required to carefully contemplate the quality, style, and comfort of the bathroom suites before selecting them to be installed.

Top Tips to Create Affordable yet Luxury Bathroom Suites

In spite of the bathroom for the most part being one of the littlest rooms in your home it can even now possibly cost you the most to revamp. However with the advances in bathroom outline throughout the years making extravagance bathroom suites may not be as distant as you may think. There is presently an extensive variety of styles and plans of bathroom suites which are offered at extremely reasonable costs. A bathroom suite can be customized to your financial plan yet still give your bathroom a rich vibe.


On the off chance that you aren’t hoping to do a total bathroom redesign consider which suite things are most vital to you and sprinkle out on maybe a couple key things. Chic and glossy new fittings can truly light up a space and give it another rent of life.

Regardless of whether you are looking to totally change your bathroom or simply refresh maybe a couple of your bathroom suite things take after our best tips and you will be enjoyably amazed at the extravagance bathroom things accessible to you without using up every last cent.

Tips to Create Affordable Luxury Bathroom Suites

Pick a Luxury Bath

Move Top Bath

For quite a while an extravagance shower has been viewed as an alluring thing for your bathroom. Whirlpool showers are to a great degree mainstream and there is an expansion in the quantity of showers that component planes and ‘spa’ frameworks yet these have a tendency to be on the expensive side. Picking a detached shower can truly add a touch of debauchery to your bathroom space however not every person has the space to oblige one. You can spare cash on an unsupported shower as you don’t have to purchase any extra framing. On the other hand for standard showers you can make your own particular wooden framing which will be more practical.

Debauchery Bath

On the off chance that a respectable shower is best of your list of things to get then we have the arrangement! The Moods Decadence Luxury Twin End Bath is a jazzy present day shower which will fit into an assortment of bathroom spaces. The smooth bends and back to divider fitting is a flawless contemporary looking extravagance shower and far superior is offered at an exceptionally sensible cost. This extravagance shower overflows class and if your spending will permit, the liberal additional items can be included.

In the event that you want to unwind in the shower by the day’s end at that point permit a more noteworthy extent of your general spending plan to your shower. It’s simple with present day configuration to discover a style of shower that will seem extravagant however won’t break your bank.

Treat yourself to a Lavish Shower Enclosure

Wet Room

As of late there has been an expansion in individuals wishing to have a different shower fenced in area in their bathroom. Nothing beats an empowering shower to begin your day and there is a vast scope of extravagance showers now accessible at moderate costs to take care of this demand. A few people even have an inclination for an extravagance shower over a shower and along these lines spend more on their shower range.

Hudson Reed Triple Valve

There is currently a huge range of shapes and styles of shower walled in areas that you can devote the biggest territory of your bathroom to incorporate a rich shower fenced in area. The showers themselves are ending up more extravagant in outline and highlight additional items, for example, body planes and extra handsets so you can make the ideal showering knowledge.

While picking a shower fenced in area a convenient indication to spare you cash is a simple plumb shower plate. This holds any pipes costs down as the waste channels are underneath the plate as opposed to going into your sections of flooring. Look at our scope of Aquadart and April Shower Trays alongside the coordinating Riser units for very much evaluated yet top quality simple plumb shower plate.

Have the Best of Both Worlds – Shower showers

In the event that you need to incorporate both a shower and a shower in your bathroom plan however you are controlled by space or cash then the multi-practical shower showers give the ideal arrangement. It is an extravagance in itself to have the capacity to have the best of the two universes for your bathroom – investing significant time for a long absorb the shower or having a snappy fortifying shower before you begin your day. Shower showers will spare you cash as it is less expensive than endeavoring to introduce both independently starting at course you don’t need to pay for an additional shower plate and fenced in area.

April L Shape

We have two best quality shower showers accessible at extremely sensible costs that will add a touch of extravagance to any bathroom space. The April L Shape Shower Bath with Front Panel and Bath Screen will suit a contemporary space. It groups geometric lines with a moderate plan.

April P Shape

In the event that a ‘tense’ look isn’t for you then the smooth bends of the April P Shape Shower Bath with Front Panel and Bath Screen will possess all the necessary qualities. The liberal shower range made for the shower end will fit consistently into any bathroom.

Save money on Your Toilet

With the best will on the planet it is a battle to make a can an alluring piece of your rich bathroom. It won’t be the thing that emerges in your bathroom and is best kept to a different corner in your bathroom to make space for the other suite things. Spare those crucial pennies and pick astutely with regards to choosing a can for your extravagance bathroom.

Cloakroom Suite

There is a decent scope of styles and states of toilets that will now suit any bathroom configuration to enable the latrine to fit in with whatever remains of the room. The RAK Compact Close Coupled Toilet is a well known decision that will make a smooth search for your bathroom while has the extravagance additional items of double flush and delicate shutting seat. A can is a need and is certainly the thing you would prefer not to overspend on when endeavoring to make your fantasy bathroom on a financial plan.

Purchase Bathroom Suite Package Deals

While picking the perfect bathroom suite investigate suite bundle arrangements to spare you cash. These bundle bargains offer you a decent scope of value bathroom suites with decreases for purchasing an entire set rather than the cost of individual things. These are perfect for making extravagance bathrooms on a financial plan as do they offer you great decreases as well as the things will have been chosen for the look they will make together. This takes out the stress of things coordinating a look when you get them independently.

April Suite Package

We have in stock at to a great degree sensible costs the April/RAK L Shaped Shower Bath and Ceramic Set which gives you a total bathroom suite; bowl, latrine and shower. This extravagance set gives you everything in one ideal bundle with current highlights as standard. For a more well proportioned look the April/RAK P Shaped Shower Bath and Ceramic Set will enable you to make an extravagant vibe for your bathroom.

Pick Integrated Storage

A last tip for giving you an extravagance bathroom suite without over spending is to pick incorporated capacity, for example, vanity units. These group a capacity territory underneath a bowl which spares both space and cash. In a comparative vein to buying suite bundle bargains coordinated bowl vanities tend to cost you not as much as purchasing a different bowl and capacity unit. There is nothing extravagance around a chaotic bathroom so keeping your space mess free with a convenient stockpiling territory for your bathroom fundamentals will enable you to accomplish a more luxurious space.

Mind-sets Walnut

The Moods Vista Walnut Vanity Unit is a moderate style unit that offers you a liberal storage room underneath a cutting edge style bowl. Offered in three completes, the staggering walnut, light oak and sparkle white each costing under £100 they are a perfect spending extravagance thing.

Such is the scope of bathroom suites accessible now reasonable extravagance can be accomplished for various bathrooms and spending plans. Here at Bella Bathrooms we pride ourselves on our fabulous scope of bathroom suites and we offer the most focused costs available. Take after these valuable tips and make your fantasy bathroom a reality without blowing your financial plan.

Enough for the tips, here are some images about bathroom suites. 🙂

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source: pinterest.com