Top Tips to Remodel Your Bathroom Styles to the Latest Trend

Top Tips to Remodel Your Bathroom Styles to the Latest Trend

The kitchen is a significant room in the home, but its importance does not overshadow that of the bathroom. The bathroom is one room where you start and end the day. Some even call it the ultimate judgment zone, and for an excellent reason: the appearance of your bathroom determines how your visitors will judge you concerning cleanliness. The bathroom equally sets the tone for every other part of the home. For the reasons above and many more, the bathroom must be kept in the best shape possible. In this piece, you will learn about top modern bathroom styles that can make your bathroom functional, comforting and welcoming, as it should be.

Shower storage

The in-shower storage is the perfect place to keep items, like body wash, razor, soap, and shampoo. A cheap plastic unit hanging from the showerhead will not do you any good; remember you are not in college anymore. It looks ugly and far from being attractive. Instead, you can opt for ceramic tile shelving installed in the shower’s corner. You can buy this at many of the tile stores and home centers around. Instead of the ceramic tile shelving, you can also go for the in-the-wall shelving. It does not protrude into the shower and still looks attractive. How cool, you would say. Right?

Replace old flooring

If the underlayment is already damaged by water, then it is high time you removed it. The best way to do this is to remove the underlayment and the floor covering together. You can ease things up by cutting the underlayment in the bathroom into small parts; this can be done using a circular saw blade. When doing this, make sure the blade does not cut too deep into the underlying subfloor. Afterward, install an entirely new underlayment on the bathroom floor. Also, choose an underlayment that corresponds to the new design of the bathroom.

Accent tiles are better

You can opt or either glass or mosaic tile, and you will find it attractive. Personally, I prefer the tile. You will not need a truckload of these tiles to give your bathroom a beautiful appearance. They may be few in number, but can still have a significant impact on the bathroom. You can also use the unique tiles as borders or in the tile pattern to make the design stand out in character and color. Glass or mosaic tiles may be expensive, but you will get real value for your money.

Curved shower rod

Adding a curved shower rod to your bathroom can make the place look more modern than ever before. This is among the latest bathroom styles worthy of consideration. They may look small and unimportant, but trust me, they add a lot of space to the shower. These rods look lovely and no need to apply excess tension when installing them to the wall; they can be attached with screws. As a result, they cannot be pulled down quickly after installation.


Installing modern bathroom styles is not enough; you need to ensure proper maintenance of the bathroom. A sparkling clean bathroom will always be welcoming at all times, even if some of the items are not essentially modern.

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