An Oriental Bathroom Décor – 4 Tips to Bring Asia in Your Bathroom

When you are starting your day, it is necessary that you remain in a good mood and feel fresh. After all, it is the beginning of the day that determines how the whole day will be like. That is why you need to make sure that the bathroom you are designing is stunning and organized. The bathroom is the place where you actually start your day. The décor, vibe and the tidiness of it will undoubtedly influence your mind for the whole day.

Most of the homeowners fail to realize this and that is why when they are renovating their whole house, they end up ignoring the space. But since you have already landed on this blog and looking for ways to plan a décor that will beautify your bathroom, we can safely assume that you are a wise homeowner, much ahead of others. Now, you must be wondering how you will deck p your bathroom that will exude freshness, class, sophistication, and functionality equally. Here, I am going to tell you about the oriental bathroom design that will classy and organized perfectly. Take a look at the following points and get inspired.

Define the Color Scheme

What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you are thinking of an Asian bathroom décor? It is the glow and the warm hue that makes the whole space look extremely cozy, almost like a nest. In fact, oriental designs are very rich in hues. Bring in that glow of warm hues in your bathroom first. Define a color scheme with the right touch of gold, golden brown, brown and beige. All these colors are classy, elegant and undoubtedly rich. You must use these colors in the décor, on the floor and wall, in sink and faucet, in vanities and in lights.

Use Wooden Texture

The natural glow of wood can be very warm and welcoming. If you are planning to create an oriental bathroom, the wooden texture can play a major role in the décor. To keep a bathroom well organized and use the space for storage, it is necessary that you think of installing vanities. And as the material of the vanity, there can be no other alternative of wood. Don’t go for any artificial polish. Let the wood shine with its own texture, rich, sophisticated and glamorous. Wood also reflects the durability and dependable quality for long term use. Look into the collection of different stores of discount bathroom vanities and choose the perfect one.

Use Copper

The tinge of redness and the glow of metal can come together with the use of copper. If you are thinking of making a glamorous Asia inspired bathroom, copper can give the right accent. Use copper vessel sink on the vanity or copper faucets in your bathroom. If you are getting a mirror, having copper trimming will be a good idea too.

Golden Lights

Ditch your fluorescents. In a bathroom inspired by Asian spirit and vibe, it is necessary that you get the lights that will wrap the bathroom in a warm golden blanket of luminosity. The golden light bulbs will make the bathroom look stunning. If you are planning to use more of copper metal accent in your bathroom, you can choose steampunk lights that will beautifully go with the décor of the bathroom. These lights will perfectly complete and complement the whole look that you are choosing for the bathroom.

So, now as you know about these ways to create a bathroom, touch with the magic wand from Asia, what are you waiting for? Rush to the stores, get your hands on the discount cabinets, lights, mirrors, sink and faucets and start designing today.

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