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5 Best Bathroom Accessories Tips and Ideas

At some point, even the most stylish bathroom will look pale. After 10 years of using the same whirlpool bath tub, an outdated shower system and poor lighting, you will want to upgrade. For most people, the shower and bathing systems are the most important areas to upgrade first. Continue reading to learn 5 different bathroom accessories to help you better your bathroom.

5. Lighting

If you are like most people, you don’t give deep thoughts to your bathroom’s lighting. But the truth is bathrooms appear much better looking when well lit. A lot of people have shelved off their decision to purchase new accessories after improving the bathroom lighting. In this era, your ideal bathroom lights must be energy saving. If the lights consume more energy than your TV, they are not worth it. Apart from energy saving, great lights should be stylish. With all the styles being manufactured, buy lights you will be proud to use for long.

4. Common Accessories

Assess the state of normal bathroom accessories and replace where necessary. Look for a more stylish towel bar. Upgrade your bathroom mirrors to fogless mirrors. Replace your vanity and drawer pulls if they are already outdated. Buy a new soap dish, a new waste basket and replace the fake flower plants that have hang on your bathroom’s walls for years. Be creative when upgrading bathroom accessories. It’s easy to adorn a bathroom with proper accessories. But it’s also easy to mess things up. Come up with a bathroom decoration theme, take time to research for the best accessories and install them accordingly.

3. Textiles

You use your towel every day. You probably have several towels, but how often do you replace them? How often do you replace your bathroom mat? Although you don’t really need to replace towels quite often, it may be a great way to improve your bathroom’s interior. Donate your old mats if they are still in great condition. Get rid of the old shower curtain and the unused towels as well. Go shopping for warm, stylish towels that resonate with your new interior decoration.

2. Accessorize with Artwork

What’s the use of staying in the bathroom for more than 10 minutes if there is nothing attractive about it? Accessorize with some beautiful pieces of art. Since it’s a bathroom, don’t necessarily buy canvas pieces. Sculptures, real items such as baskets or wall papers may offer better appeal. Wall papers add style to even the oldest of homes. Wall art can also be customized to suit your exact decoration needs. Consider replacing the tiles on your wall if you are after an overhaul of your bathroom’s outlook. When your bathroom’s wall looks beautiful, every other part of your home should look beautiful.

1. Add Variety

To give your bathroom a unique style, don’t stick to one material when replacing your bathroom accessories. When you purchase chrome faucets, throw in a wooden vanity. Strategically add variety in your choice of bathroom accessories and you will likely have the most beautiful bathroom amongst your friends.

Before you leave, here are pictures to help you visualize how your improved bathroom will appear.

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